Being at home

Imagine that you come home from a very long journey. You open the door and you enter your house. How does it feel?

Probably recognize your personal world, your flavor. Everything in your house reflects your personality. It is your home. And so you feel well, you feel safe. You are in harmony with your surroundings. It is a good feeling. In your home you can relax, recover, follow your needs and desires. For these reasons a “home” is precious for us.

In conclusion, a home on the physical plane is already nice and good and something which we need for recovery and inner balance.

Besides this physical home we have also an astral home and a mental home.

The astral home is waiting for us when we leave the physical realms. It is the home of our soul. And the mental home is the place which we enter as a spirit, a mental being. When the energy connection, the so-called mental matrix breaks between mental body and astral body, we, – the original mental being can decide to incarnate again or to leave the astral home to move into the mental home, the mental plane.

So we have three homes where we dwell.

Now the point is that the astral and mental homes are not only analogue to our personality and the degree of maturity but that they unfold a wonderful nourishing, healing effect on us.

It is comparable with swimming in a nutrient solution. You get all you need for your wellbeing.

The astral home has a focus on nourishing the astral body, the emotional level and the mental home has its focus on nourishing the mental body, our original nature, the spirit.

This all means that when we enter our higher homes we enjoy something like holidays or heaven where all is given, where we enjoy the natural-divine abundance, healing, inner peace and happiness. It is something which we do not know from the physical plane.

Now certainly, we can wait until we leave this world to enter heaven, to experience happiness, abundance and healing. But for all spiritual seekers there is the possibility to set yourself into your astral and mental home by using meditation. And then you can receive all the blessings of heaven.

Practically seen, – we all experience a lot of stress and challenges each day which takes much energy and by doing a meditation in your astral and mental home you can refresh, you can heal your wounds, you can recharge your batteries for more happiness, more success, more inner peace and more heaven on earth.

Certainly, it makes sense to do this on a regular basis, maybe every evening in bed in the phase where you fall asleep. In this way, you move consciously from the physical plane to your astral/mental home. Here you can meet old friends, comrades on the path, spiritual guides, maybe even deities. And in the morning, you will wake up from heaven, refreshed and inspired.

Here on earth, we need heaven very much.

The technique itself:

The easiest way to reach your astral and mental home is the use of the Akasha principle. Here we connect two different realities by intention.

You sit in your meditation posture, relax and now you become aware that by intention your mind can move anywhere. Your mind belongs to Akasha, the Akasha principle and can move beyond time and space. And by your conscious intention to move and connect to your astral sphere where you will live after your physical death, you will be instantly connected. Now become aware of the energy surrounding you, the energy of your astral home sphere. Feel the heaven which is surrounding, nourishing and healing you. “I am in my astral heaven. I am at home.” Inhale the astral energies, saturate yourself, enjoy it, feel good. It is salvation. You are in heaven, in your personal astral sphere where you belong. Inhale and exhale, nothing else needs to be done. Just nourish yourself.

Later, when you feel balanced and nourished, you simply come back into the physical reality.

The same technique works for your mental home. The mental sphere of your place, your home is addressing your mental being, you as the original spirit which you are. So it is nourishing your spirit, your original nature.

Important is to understand that these techniques are not a matter of imagine but a matter of the conscious use of the Akasha principle to bridge time and space and to connect your reality of being on earth and the reality of being in your astral or mental sphere. And so it is different to any imagined temples in higher realms or other places. Your home is individual and unique.

Later you can do mental/astral traveling to your spheres, your homes. But the presented meditation technique is sufficient.

I want to add that you can use these techniques also to develop your higher senses and to activate your astral/mental body for conscious traveling in this way. “I am spirit in the mental realms, perceiving with my mental senses and taking action with my mental body!” and the same for the astral sphere with the astral senses and astral body.

PS: This technique brings salvation to all those who suffered so much in life that they thought suicide. Longing for suicide means longing for coming home, receiving healing and leaving the problems of the material world behind. The point here is that a suicide is not necessary using this technique to find healing.