Let God help you

Humans are confronted with countless duties, tasks and challenges. Especially spiritual seekers have to face a lot of challenges. The term challenge means that it is not an easy task and also not a routine task but in fact something new where we lack of knowledge, often also of fitting techniques and strategies for managing the task. Facing a challenge can make us feel quite ignorant or stupid, also overburdened. It can cause fears, doubts and other bad emotions.

The point here is that we have the idea that we must take the challenge alone without any support, any help or assistance. Being left alone in a challenge is bad. It is much better to have friends or comrades or an experienced master or expert who can help us.

In life we look for support. We ask family, friends, coworkers, experts to help.

But we can also ask God and the spiritual hierarchy, the deities and our spiritual brothers and sisters in the higher realms to help us manage our challenges.

The first step is to become aware about this possibility and also that there is no one who says that we must manage everything on our own.

The second step is to become aware of the fact that God is omniscient, the perfect expert for all problems and also our closest friend, supporter and consultant.

This means in a third step to get into conversation with God when we face a problem or challenge. Even if God is invisible, the best thing you can do is to start a conversation (monologue) with God like you would be talking to your dearest friend. Here you can and should tell and explain God in depth all your problems, your feelings, your ideas about a certain challenge or problem. Just explain all to God. The result is that you receive a higher clarity by talking about your challenge. And you are able to release all emotions, all the tension which is connected to your problem. Further on you open yourself to insights, divine inspiration, etc. So a solution can come into your mind.

In a fourth step you can pass on your problem, question, challenge to God. Delegate your problem. Ask God for the fitting solution. Tell God that you follow his divine will, his divine wisdom which focusses only on the best solution for you and all who are concerned. “God´s will and my will are one!” In result you will feel a great relief and a solution will come from God. You just follow the divine plan, the divine guidance and so you will manage your challenge perfectly.

This technique is a true mystical technique with full trust into God and the spiritual hierarchy. Here you accept your limitations and you open yourself to the perfection of God.

You can also pass on all burdens to God and you can offer God all your bad characteristics, your mistakes. Sacrifice all the darkness of your mind and soul to God. Find relief, find happiness, find ease! Go with God!

PS: I highly recommend to talk regularly with God. It helps a lot to gain clarity and to release emotions. You also open yourself to divine guidance and divine support.