Introspection II

We all know “introspection I”, the teachings of Bardon. Here we follow the long-term aim to balance and refine our personality.

Introspection II is also about reflection of yourself but with the focus on your present situation. How is your present state? How do you feel? Do you feel vital, balanced, good, successful, inspired? Or do you feel stressed, overburdened, exhausted? Do you suffer? How can you improve your wellbeing? How can you maintain your wellbeing? What do you need to change in your attitude for more balance, more vitality, more happiness?

In fact, these are vital questions and quite often we are too busy with external duties, tasks and problems to check on ourselves, to check how we feel, what we need, if all is fine or bad or in need for changes.

For example, how can you be successful, vital and happy when you suffer from too many burdens, too much stress while lacking positive energy resources? This cannot work. Only when you return into a state of lightness, of joy of life, of vitality then you can experience the good things in life.

In conclusion, problems are not only outside but they are also inside of us anchored. And both are connected. Change yourself and your world will change. Change your world and you will change.

Today there are many people who are completely overburdened, in parts with very old things, old emotions but also with family issues, spiritual issues and certainly business issues. Even if you are powerful like Hercules, you do not need to bear all the heaviness of the world and you do not need to feel responsible for countless people and their problems.

It is wise to be satisfied with the own package of lessons and burdens, to work on them and not to take additional stuff from others like spiritual people often do. There is no real sense in sacrificing yourself. It is better to celebrate the joy of life and to honor in this way our Creator. We all have a right on own happiness.

Practically seen – it makes sense to do the introspection II on a regular basis, maybe once per week to check if you are okay, if things and relationships in your life are good or if there is a need for changes. And if there is a need for changes, you should realize them as soon as possible. In this regard also be aware that your state of wellbeing has effects for all people in contact with you, your family, friends, coworkers, clients, etc. So when everyone takes care of himself then all will be happy and fine. And if burdens are spread in a good way then they are also good to bear.

We all need to be in a good state of balance, vitality and power.