Managing undesired thoughts

This is a topic which is important for everyone as we often have to deal with undesired thoughts and it is also a part of the beginner steps of Bardon´s training.

Undesired thoughts are normally a matter of lacking spiritual training and refinement. This means as long as the personality is not purified, healed and refined plus the education of mind and soul it is quite normal to have useless thoughts, negative thoughts or destructive thoughts on your mind.

Then we have the case that there are shocking situations which we have to face without any preparation. Shocking situations have paralyzing effects where our natural protection does not really work anymore or they cause big emotions of fears, anger, sadness, etc. When we are in an emotional state, we cannot think clearly and we get easily occupied by undesired thoughts.

Besides these points there is also the undesired thought which came by repetition in advertisement, news, propaganda, etc. When a thought is repeated then it becomes stronger and has a tendency to realize respectively to stay on mind.

For the first problem only spiritual training with refinement of character and education of the mind will help. When we are saturated and well-balanced with vital, positive energies for mind and soul, then we naturally have positive thoughts and feelings.

The second problem is a challenge which probably no one can easily withdraw himself as shocking moments can happen everywhere and we are not really prepared. A certain level of detachment can be accomplished but it probably cannot cover 100% of negative happenings. It is possible to do training on detachment by spiritual training and by hardening yourself. You can expose yourself to negative impressions while staying centered and detached.

The third problem is more a matter of ignoring bothering advertisement, news, etc.

Besides these things I want to talk about concrete techniques how to deal with undesired thoughts and the connected emotions.

First of all it is important to understand that undesired, bad thoughts and bad emotions “happen” on the subconscious level. This means that normally we have no control. In the spiritual training one main aim is to get into control, – into control of your mental activities and your emotions. Indeed, we make subconscious processes conscious. We become aware of what is happening. And this is the first step. When we are aware of the processed we can get into control.

Now let´s imagine that you understand your reactions to a shocking or bad situation where you normally get into a passive victim mode with subconscious reactions in mind and soul. Now you can move on and use your awareness to get into control.

The first possibility is to focus on your detachment. You calm down by a natural, deep breathing rhythm focusing on the idea “I am completely detached in mind and soul, in thoughts and emotions.” This you repeat as long as you need to really experience this detachment. You can focus further on on inner peace, on being centered in yourself, on staying in the light, on being protected. This is as always a matter of repetition and training. Once you are used to this technique you can realize it quite fast.

Another possibility is to use your willpower. You express your will in a forceful way that you keep your inner peace and inviolability without reacting mentally or emotionally to the situation. For this technique your willpower should be developed.

A nice and good possibility is to focus on your intention to stay in peace and harmony, centered in your divine nature, evoking positive feelings of love, kindness, harmony and compassion. “I do not react to this situation. I do not allow any negative thoughts or emotions to occur. I am one with the Highest. All negative thoughts and emotions dissolve in my divine loving kindness!” When we proclaim our intention then we work on the level of Akasha and when we focus on divine unity and loving kindness then all negative energies will dissolve naturally. This positive setting is also just a matter of training, of being able to “jump” into this state quickly whatever situation might occur. Unity and love and a conscious mind set offer a wonderful protection against all kinds of negative events. Even if there are already negative images or thoughts or emotions, you can reject and dissolve them in this way.

In general if you are occupied by negative emotions, stress, bad thoughts and you use one of the techniques, then give yourself some minutes to calm down and turn back to a positive state.

I hope that these explanations and techniques will help you to cope better with stress and negative events in the future.