The religion called science

A lot of people believe unconditionally in sciences. Science appears as absolute and someone who questions science seems to be ignorant and pitiful. Science has the image of absolute truth. And scientists appear like the high priests of former times. This is all nice and can be seen as a fascinating phenomenon.

At a second look we can see that sciences are based on a materialistic-atheistic philosophy = belief. No one questions this assumption. It is simply assumed.

At a second look we can also see that sciences are not pure and totally objective but in control of financial interests, interests of power and human factors like ego, jealousy, personal beliefs, wishes, dominance, etc. We can see also occult aims and ideologies at work.

We can also see that it is not about research for truth but for finding “facts & indications” for the personal ideas about a special topic by the researcher.

Sciences and their results serve politics, economics, control, influence and power in general. Ideologies and money are the drive for scientific research and teachings.

While in public the atheistic-materialistic philosophy is kept by, the famous scientists, professors, researchers, etc. are members of esoteric groups and secret societies with a completely different philosophy.

Now, what should we expect instead of science?

Sciences must be totally dedicated to the research of truth however it might look like independent from ideology, religion, philosophy, personal wishes, beliefs, etc.

Science must be willing to go beyond a materialistic-atheistic philosophy.

Science must serve mankind and creation and not single people, not financial interests, not political influences, etc.

From the spiritual point of view, it is even simpler. Throughout all times and all cultures, we have initiates who have made higher experiences, experiences of higher realms, higher beings, higher laws of nature, etc. These initiates offer a holistic, integrative philosophy on a scientific basis, being able to explain everything.

In former times philosophy, religion, sciences and spirituality were united, were one art and science, one truth and the high priests were the real scientists.

This time will come back where all will be united again, where science and religion will become one, where scientists will and must be initiates.

At last, – have you ever asked your self how much truth our scientists can really offer? They know nothing about the mental and astral realms, nothing about Akasha and about the physical realms they know maybe some percent but not everything. In conclusions they know less than 30% of the world and still pretend to present the absolute, scientific proven truth. This is simply ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is to believe in science totally.

These thoughts might be funny in the end. People are great believers. They believe in science, in politicians, in religious leaders, in all kinds of fears, in drama, in miracles, in holy books, etc. It would be much healthier to be great questioners.