The animal in chains

When we examine the human nature, then we can say that it is composed of different aspects or levels which work like a pyramid. We have basically an animal nature, the higher level of the soul with feelings and the spirit with the intellect and intuition. And at the top of the pyramid there is our divine nature and cosmic consciousness, the eternal aspect of the human being. The whole pyramid is controlled by the child, the so-called ego, the one who enjoys the adventures of life in interaction with other children. It is the mystery of the solar-plexus center.

The human being can contain and express the whole pyramid of life, of living beings while all other beings, animals for example, are limited in nature and their possibilities to express intellect, higher feelings and the divine, cosmic consciousness.

When we examine now the natural life of animals in their social groups, then we can see that they are vital, living in the natural-divine order, following their needs and instincts, expressing their emotions and just enjoying live in their character as playful children. When you observe the behavior of animals then you can see clearly the behavior of children with all their emotions, desires, etc. It is wonderful to be aware of this. Animals take care of each other, socialize, have friends and family, fight for leadership, follow the periods of reproduction, educate their young ones, etc. It is a good and natural life full of vitality and joy. And everything is fine.

“Civilized” animals lack of most of these things and often show symptoms of mental/emotional disorders and physical diseases. And the same is true with humans.

We are “civilized animals”, animals in chains, lacking of natural conditions of life, focusing only on the intellect and adjusted behavior which follows the artificial standards of society. When you look today at the life of most people then there is no healthy family life, no possibility of expressing needs, desires, emotions, no possibility to enjoy freedom in nature, and so on. There is only the human animal put in a straightjacket, permanently reflecting about its behavior, if it if suitable for society or not and how natural needs could be satisfied without punishment or social disregard.

In conclusion, the human animal is in chains, is suffering and it is far away from a vital, healthy state. Our animal nature is the basis of the whole pyramid. When the basis is ill how shall we be able to unfold our full potential of soul and spirit, and our eternal, divine nature?

This is in fact a key problem for mankind. As long as we kept in chains, we cannot change anything. We stay imprisoned, in a powerless state, lacking energy and happiness.

We need to become free like wild horses running across the landscape. It is all about freedom. It is all about following our true nature on all levels of the pyramid of life. We must become playful children again.

PS: There are spiritual groups who have understood this and who work on breaking the unholy conditions of “civilization” to liberate members for a natural and positive life style. On the universal path of initiation and development the deconditioning plays certainly also an important role. And then there are other groups which go beyond the natural-positive way of life or deconditioning and focus instead on releasing the beast, the extreme types of animal behavior.