Silence, the door to God

There are hundred doors but only one door leads to God. It is silence. The diversity of sounds distracts you from the source of all sounds which is pure silence. Silence is the background of creation.

When you look at a picture, you see the landscape, the people, the situation. You see the colors. But you do not see the background. The white paper, the blank paper is what makes the picture visible.

Silence is the background of creation, the endless, invisible space makes creation feasible, but we are normally not aware of it.

So, when you want to get to know God, then you must leave creation behind and become consciously aware of its source, its background, the blank paper.

How can you do this? The background is hard to perceive.

Let´s take the practical approach. The human mind is always full of thoughts. The busy thoughts are analogue to creation. When all thoughts have gone, then there is only the background of creation, the silence of mind, God, the source of everything.

Silence of mind is a state which is not normal or natural today. But with training we can realize this state. And when we do so, we connect to God, we unite with the Divine Spirit. This can become a wonderful enlightenment where the Divine Spirit fills the human soul as a vacuum cannot exist in nature. And when unity is accomplished we have restored the natural-divine order before the fall of mankind.