Pranic Healing – a way of initiation into higher realities

Spiritual seekers, people who are interested in magic and mysticism, often face the problem that they have no access to the higher realities beyond the material world. So they have to believe that higher beings, higher worlds and God exist. It is an intellectual approach, a hope, a trust but these things are not graspable.

In best case, the seeker undergoes a spiritual training but even here in the beginner steps the experiences are quite limited. Only later the personal and practical experiences will come and make the theoretical seeker a practical initiate who really knows.

For all those who want to make own and real experiences quickly, I can recommend a training in Pranic Healing. Here you get to know the reality of the occult anatomy with the energy body and its centers (chakras) and you learn how to use the fine energies for healing treatments.

Pranic Healing offers certainly more important topics for personal experiences and someone who has undergone the training with the main courses has achieved a very high quality standard of spiritual healing which is very precious.