Space for Healing

When we talk about healing then we also need space for healing. Quite often the focus lies only on the patient and on treating him. But the patient is a part of a system together with other people who have good and bad influences on his state of health and wellbeing. Also other conditions of life play a main role like his home, his place of work, his activities, etc. Again, all can have positive and negative effects.

Now, someone who is ill or who suffers from mental disorders lives very likely under unhealthy conditions with unhealthy relations. As long as these destructive effects are active, the patient cannot recover or has to face great challenges in his recovery process. On the other hand, when the patient has a space for healing, a change in his living conditions at least for a certain period of time, he can recover very well.

In general, we are asked in life to look for vitalizing healthy living conditions and positive relationships with people. Stress and negativity withdraw vitality and make ill.

For patients and healers this means that at least for the time of treatment, the patient should “go on vacation” where he enjoys a positive frame for recovery which supports all healing processes. This can be indeed a nice hotel in nature far away from the problems of daily life.

In general we can say that we have a few main spaces for healing. This is in first place our home in the mental/astral realms with wonderful recovering and nourishing effects which can be reached in meditation. Then we have nature with its vitalizing and stress releasing effects. And we have the love, care and joy which we share with our beloved ones, partners, family and friends.

At last, become aware that everyone needs a space to withdraw from the challenges of life, to find peace and to recover. This can be your own small temple, your favorite armchair or whatever gives you a good feeling.