Experiments with vital energy

You need to be able to work with vital energy. Buy two fruits or vegetables of the same kind, same seize and same maturity. One fruit will age naturally. The other fruit is for accumulating vital energy in it. Keep both fruits under the same conditions like sun light, temperature, surrounding objects/material. Take care that the fruit with the vital energy is not close to the normal fruit. Keep them on distance and if necessary put an object between them so that the vital energy cannot radiate to the other fruit. And now wait and see what is going to happen with the fruits over the coming days.

You can make a second experiment with the same fruits and conditions but now you program the vital energy to stay and to recharge automatically. Now again check what is happening.

Similar experiments can be done with shielding one fruit against destructive influences so that this fruit is not going bad. It is also possible to mummify a fruit by using the fire element or to strengthen it with the earth element to make it resistant against all destructive influences. In all cases you need a fitting programming of the energy.

These experiments have scientific value, are a matter of empiric scientific research and can be documented by YouTube videos.