Psychoactive substances

Nature offers everything for any kind of need. This is a concept of creation. For the diversity of diseases there is the diversity of remedies in nature. Along with this principle we find also psychoactive substances in nature which can help to experience different states of mind and higher perceptions.

These substances were traditionally used for healing purposes and for initiation in religious-spiritual traditions into the higher realities of creation. They were also used to help healers to find the causes of diseases and to find the right way for giving treatments. Besides higher perception on the level of mind and soul and in regard of all kinds of energies, it has been also a matter of cooperation with higher beings, deities, etc.

Another principle of creation says that where is something in positive use, it will be also available for misuse. So these substances have been also and always a matter of misuse to escape the material world, to experience ecstasies and peace, etc. also to satisfy curiosity and to take short cuts to long spiritual education and training.

Misuse is misuse, independent how nice you want to justify it. Misuse brings problems and offers no solutions but only delusions. And at last you bear the responsibility for your actions, no one else.

We live in times where the main ideal is to make money with everything independent from the consequences. Further on, the conditions of life are often quite negative so that people have a great desire to escape the material world. Both together are very unhealthy and support the misuse of psychoactive substances.

When we think about things like Ayahuasca with its specific formula based on two interactive substances, we see its lawful function in the shamanic tradition and on the other hand as a kind of nice, entertaining happening in modern times without any traditional or real spiritual background, without preparation and education.

Everyone must make his own decisions including taking responsibility.

Curiosity is like a fire which wants to consume but it does not ask for a higher sense.

Serious intentions follow a higher sense and offer patience, also motivation to do training.

At last, – some higher experiences or perceptions are available without the use of any substances, just doing certain exercises or going into trance states in meditation by yourself or with the help of a hypnotherapist.

We all get what we ask for. It is good to know what you exactly ask for before being overwhelmed by the answer.