Working with the spheres

Several years ago, I have written about the alchemy of the spheres, that we can use breathing exercises to develop the powers and virtues of the spheres in the own microcosm with the aim of refinement and perfect balance. This is done like we know it from the work with the elements.

The alchemistical processes of clearing, healing, balancing and refinement with the energies of the spheres are not only useful to achieve highest levels of spiritual perfection but also for situations where we are in need of specific mental and astral energies for the different purposes corresponding to the spheres.

This requires certainly a good knowledge of the spheres and their analogies for powers, qualities, skills and applications for healing/balancing.

And necessary is to be able to connect successfully to the spheres to work with their energies.

If this is all given, you can easily nourish your mind and soul with the energies of the spheres which you need in your present situation.

For example, you vitalize, strengthen and refine the sun sphere aspects of your personality by setting yourself into the sun sphere, doing breathing exercises and saturating yourself with its energy.

You can use the nourishing, calming energies of the moon sphere for recovery or for refining your sense of feeling.

You can use the energies of the venus sphere for comforting yourself or to explore divine beauty, harmony and majesty but also to strengthen the female qualities and powers in you.

The mercury sphere can help you to awake and strengthen the air element in mind and soul with all the benefits like higher inspiration, better thinking and more ease and joy in life.

And much more.

The spheres are great treasure chests which offer more than one could ever imagine for all aspects of personality and life. These are magical realms full of wonders with great deities, great teachings and awesome energies.

It is up to the seeker to open these doors.