About the pine cone

The pine cone is a favorite symbol in the ancient religious and spiritual traditions. It is interesting that it can be found in all kinds of different cultures.

Today the meaning of the pine cone is explained in a very superficial way from my point of view and I would like to add some depth.

Thanks to the superficial way of thinking and research of today, also of forming opinions, people came to the idea that the pine cone represents the third eye, the pineal gland and enlightenment.

Following this logic, we must assume that initiates of former times broke up the human scull to dissect the brain on the search for the third eye, maybe God and maybe enlightenment and while dissecting the brain they found a small knob. Then they decided that this must be the third eye and that this knob is important for enlightenment. Further on they decided that it looks like a pine cone and that it makes sense to worship the pine cone in religion. A very reasonable explanation, isn´t it?

Let´s take a different, more reasonable approach.

In the spiritual realms it is all about symbolism. Symbolism is the language which all deities and beings of the mental and astral planes speak. And so symbolism has a great meaning for all religious and spiritual practices.

Now when we examine the symbolic meaning of the pine cone then wonderful secrets reveal themselves.

The pine cone is a symbol of perfection, divine perfection. Its appearance reminds us of a perfectly cut brilliant with its “thousand” facets and in the same way of the crown chakra, the lotus with its thousand petals. The divine perfection consists here of the countless number – “thousand” of repeating facets/petals circularly arranged. God is perfect, symbolized as a point or as a circle and this circle represents all the facets of God, the great diversity in creation.

Another important symbolism is the fact that the pine cone consists of seeds, countless seeds which are all meant to grow and to become wonderful pine trees. The seeds in their state represent the divine plane of ideas which are meant to realize in creation. And creation is made of pine trees, – living ideas wrapped in matter. In conclusion, the pine cone represents the divine, potential state beyond creation, the fruitful spirit, God, Akasha, the state before realization, before coming into creation. The pine cone represents the sum of all beings, of the whole creation in its potential, divine state.

A secondary aspect is that the pine cone is not flat but has its cone shape with bigger and smaller and smallest petals. Here we can say that this points at creation on all planes, the finest planes as well as the denser ones.

In conclusion, we can say that the pine cone symbolizes God, Akasha, the state before creation, the seed state of creation, the divine perfection drawing the circle and showing all facets. And with this it belongs to the highest center in the human microcosm, the crown chakra. Further on we can say that the pine cone represents the impersonal, shapeless, cosmic God in contrast to visualized, personified ideas of God as a father figure, etc. and this goes hand in hand with the impersonal cosmic consciousness which is experienced in the state of enlightenment, connected to the full flourishing of the thousand-petal-crown chakra.

When you check figures of Buddha, then you can see quite often a pine cone like shape on his head where the crown chakra is located. We can see analogies everywhere.

In fact, when we become completely aware of the symbolic meaning of the pine cone then we are able to see the beauty of it, – the formless Deity containing the seeds for bringing creation into life!

After all we can see that the third eye topic is only secondary if at all and that it is really about the formless God, the divine principle of perfection and with this pointing at the highest human experience of cosmic, impersonal consciousness, God, Akasha…

And at last the message is “Open your eyes and see for yourself!” instead of following the blind or the one-eyed leaders.

Divine treasures are always hidden and only the brave knight discovers them on his adventure called life.

For the true seekers – we can use the symbol of the pine cone in its original, wonderful meaning, as a reminder of the fruitful divine abundance waiting to unveil in creation. The pine cone represents also the number one, – the number of God, and at the same time the diversity, the countless number of beings in creation. Also a wonderful symbolism.