About higher perception

Clairvoyance is a super famous topic as well as the third eye. Today I want to talk about such things – higher perception in general – for a better understanding.

Let´s imagine you visit a house and you walk through the rooms. While walking you perceive the space, you perceive impressions of the rooms, of the objects in the rooms and this with your five senses. Your visual sense is probably most active, but you also hear sounds, you feel, and you might smell something. The taste sense is not really needed in this situation. So you get a lot of impressions which are processed in your mind.

When you have left the house and someone asks you what you have seen, heard, felt, smelled or tasted, then only some most impressive perceptions are still in your memory while you forgot maybe 80% or more.

If another person walks through the house and is asked afterwards, some impressions will be equal while others will miss or have a different value.

In conclusion, the house is the same and from 100% impressions for the five senses only a very few are memorized and these very few easily differ from person to person.

We simply have a selective perception where our individual filter of perception decides what is interesting and with this worth it to process with the mind and to memorize while the rest isn´t perceived consciously and forgotten directly.

The funny thing is that for example you can have a great evening with someone, talking a lot, having fun but on the next day you cannot say if the other person had a beard or which cloths he had, etc. We can easily forget about details. The point here is simply that the focus was not on such details but only on having fun and a good conversation.

The personal focus controls your perception. And your personal interests decide which impressions are important and which not.

And in general, the visual sense is in first place, the sense of hearing is number 2, feeling number 3, smell number 4 and taste number 5. In life today seeing and hearing are the most used senses. (This simple fact drops completely the idea of preferred senses in NLP which is completely overrated.) We can only say that single persons have an extra development of specific senses due to their profession. A cook has an extra development of his taste. A perfumer has an extra trained smell organ. And so on. Then, certainly people who have lost a sense organ, have better developed other senses to balance the loss in life. Blind people have a better feeling and maybe hearing. And so on.

Now, when the perception in the material world is already complex and quite individual due to the filters of perception, interests and focus, the higher perception is even more complex.

Normal people who have no idea at all, think that higher perception is as simple as opening your eyes and seeing what is in front of you. And this is the basic problem of ignorant people that they have a certain opinion about something which they do not understand and that this opinion causes corresponding expectations which have no real basis and then lead to disappointment in general. And then they blame those with experience for not fulfilling their unrealistic expectations. This only by the way.

Now back to the higher perception. Like we know it from the material realms, we have also the five senses on the mental plane and on the astral plane. We can also say it in a different way, – that with our senses we are able to perceive on all different planes the diversity of different degrees of density and vibration.

Further on, something logical, when we are incarnated, we use the physical senses as we are in the physical world and so they are active. As a soul in the astral world, the astral senses are activated and active as we simply need them here. And as a pure mental being, as a spirit, the mental senses are activated, again, simply because we need and use them here. And this shows also the problem for the student on the path. He wants to activate the higher senses although he naturally/directly does not need them in the material world. And this means that when you consciously set yourself into the higher worlds, you activate the corresponding higher senses automatically as you simply need them there.

The most important point for the higher perception is that the higher senses and the process of perception is based on higher laws of nature which do not apply on the material plane and with this are normally unknown.

This means practically that your intention controls what you perceive and what not. This is comparable with watching TV where you have “thousand” channels, countless channels and where you control what you see by using your remote control. Further on, time and space do not play any role (like we know it from the material world) but indeed we have access to the past, the present and the future and this everywhere on all planes in the whole creation and beyond.

These laws allow it also to zoom in and out, and to move in at any seize wherever you want. It simply doesn´t matter if you visit the inner space of the Great Pyramid or if you check an organ in a body or if you make a visit in the spheres to talk with a deity. There are not limits (besides your maturity and refinement).

The qualities of Akasha in application play here a major role.

Besides what we can call the intellectual language – words, we deal normally with the language of symbols in the higher perception, the visual perception in main. So, we can see symbols, complexes of symbols and we can derive a message or information from them. This is a matter of intuition, intuitive understanding.

Besides seeing symbols or symbolic appearances of beings, deities, etc. we can certainly see “normal” activities, processes, objects, situations, etc. Indeed, it is often a combination.

And we always meet everywhere the principle of analogy. This means, for example, that the energy of a disease smells bad while a deity has a fragrance of flowers or incense. Or that negative beings look dark, maybe with animal features while a higher being might look like an angel or a king or queen, beautiful in nature.

Regarding the process of perception, we can differentiate between people who are more like a medium, passive and being guided in their perception by spiritual guides or higher beings, and people who are active, the magician type who know what they want to perceive and who know how to do it by themselves. This is a real difference. Traditionally we have the high priestess who were guided in their perception by the high priest – a useful team play.

However, it might be, there is a need for understanding these differences and also a need for getting in control of your perception by knowing the laws, by training the senses and by taking the active role. Passive perception requires a guide and those who work in this way are always threatened by losing control completely and by becoming a victim of their unfiltered impressions, often negative impressions. This is the reason why Bardon warns about pure mediumship without magical development. Life can be easily destroyed when you suffer from uncontrolled negative perceptions from other people permanently without protection. You simply get mad.

Another very important point is your purity, your neutrality. Only a blank mirror can show the reflection of reality. If the mirror is dirty or colored, it cannot show reality. The same with glasses or sun glasses. The true initiate must be well balanced, pure and neutral to be able to perceive reality without any filters of perception or projection, personal coloring, etc. And then, the initiate must have the knowledge to interpret what he perceives in the right way. The intellect is the servant of intuition, of higher perception. The intellect helps to understand symbolic messages and the meaning of what has been seen.

It is also true that the higher you are balanced and refined, the clearer your perceptions will be. Or to say it in a different way – if you are an ill person then you will perceive things in the state of disease, all the ugly, dark beings and energies. If you are a raw character, you will perceive only the corresponding raw things. If you are a dark person, you will perceive darkness. Only if you are refined you will perceive the beauty of creation, the divine beings, and everything in a wonderful clarity.

And it is necessary to understand that expectations lead to imagination. If I expect to see a monster under my bed, I will see a monster there, produced by my imagination. If I just have the intention to look under my bed without any expectations in a state of neutrality I will see what really is there. This is something important to regard. Expectations are misleading.

Regarding the sense of feeling – we can easily merge with another person, with a space, atmosphere or another being to feel what they feel. Taking part in the nature of another being or space or object lets us understand their problems, also lets us find solutions or simply lets us enjoy the beauty of their nature. Merging with deities is nice, fascinating. Merging with ill people or dark ones is not nice and makes you pay a price. There are healers who are specialized in simply connecting, merging with patients to understand their problems but this is unhealthy.

In general, we can intentionally decide where we look at, where we connect, if we look at the whole microcosm, at the aura, at a body region, at a chakra, at an organ, at mental energies or astral ones. In all cases we simply must know what we are doing.

In the field of healing and consulting it is often the case that only one or two aspects are examined, and the rest is not taken care of. For example, someone has a problem and the healer sees something and interprets this, maybe he sees a situation in the past which caused the problem. But the healer does not check the energy body of the person and so he does not see the polluted chakras or the stagnation in the energy flow in a certain area. He might also does not see the larvae which are forcing the patient to a certain emotional behavior. But all these different aspects are important, and healing and consulting must be holistic in the approach. Otherwise you can waste precious time with suffering and bad results in treatment.

So, the key is to go through the “check list” when you do consulting. And then you get an interesting picture which shows all relations of a problem, symptoms and causes.

At last I want to point at the fact that if several people use their higher perception on one object or person or target in general, that they probably have the same impressions plus further impressions depending on their individual personality and filters, also expectations and spiritual guides who point at something. Filters and focusses can be quite different and individual. In best case all results are analogue and offer a logical picture of the problem or target.

In conclusion, the topic of higher perception is quite complex, a lot of training and knowledge is required as well as a high level of refinement for good results. Higher perception is not meant for the curiosity of ignorant people. It is also not a matter of entertainment. It is more a fine art and science, something special and fascinating, something precious which should be kept sacred as it is not for the profane.