Types of people

In the universal teachings about the human nature we can use the keys of wisdom to “classify” people. “Classification” means here to get a psychological key for a better understanding of a person. It is not about stereotyped thinking.

Number one – we can see how far a person has accomplished the state of divine unity, being in harmony with himself, God and creation. It is the self-realized master, the enlightened one.

Number two – here we can see if a person shows a dominance in the male or in the female nature. We all have male and female qualities, skills and powers. It is just a question of dominance.

Another aspect of number two is the differentiation if a person is of a positive, vital nature or if he is negative and destructive in his character. Then there are also a few people who are dualistic, showing both, depending on their ego state.

Number three – here we differentiate between spirit, soul and body. All people consist of all three aspects but we can see often a dominance on one level. For example, there are people who are focused on thinking while others have a focus on feelings and then there are people who focus in main on the physical body, the material world.

Number four – the differentiation regarding the four elements in the personality. Often one or two elements are dominating in a person. Here it is quite interesting to compare the white and the black mirror regarding the dominating elements as we see a logical relation between the elements.

The numbers/keys of one to four appear in combination. Applying these keys of wisdom can help very much to understand a person in its problems, talents and the way of development it will take. It helps to find the right words for communication and the right measure for support. It lets you know what you can expect and what not. So, it is precious knowledge and an initiate can see quickly and easily what kind of person he faces.

Now I want to put more light on the number three. There are people who are so focused on their physical body, their beauty, youth, their appearance and on material things that there is nearly no energy left for feelings and the use of the intellect. And then there are people who are so focused on their emotions, on satisfaction, happiness, anger, hate, aggression, desires and passion that there is no energy for using the intellect to question all these emotions and desires. It is all about satisfying the ego in the limitations of the ego. Here reality is fitted into the desires, emotions and the understanding of the ego. The own ego is the measure and not objective reality. And this is not only ignorant but also very dangerous. And then we have those who are good, more or less, in thinking but they often lack of emotions and physical appearance/fitness. Being active only on the mental level is an imbalance. In the best and the rare case we have here a person which is spiritualized, refined and for this reason it appears as a spirit with a soul in a body.

Important to understand is that you cannot be emotional and mentally clear at the same time. When you are in a very emotional state, you can no longer think clearly, rational and then you do things which you regret later. Due to this fact it doesn´t make any sense to try to convince someone in an emotional state with intellectual arguments. It makes more sense to wait until the emotional state has vanished. In conclusion, we can derive from this also that only mental clarity offers reasonable decisions, behavior and real control in a situation. For this reason, it was always something desirable to achieve the mental, unemotional state for control and superior decisions. We can say that the master is in this spirit state of clarity and so can make best choices. God is spirit and when we have realized the divine spirit in us then we take part in the great clarity, receiving divine inspiration, etc.

The nature of the emotional state is the key for manipulation and misuse by those who are in power. The mechanism is very simple. You just need to address emotions in a person or in a crowed of people so that they awake and increase and then the people lose their ability to think and to question their behavior. Certainly not positive feelings are raised but fears, aggressions, destructive energies and then it is very easy to make the people do what you want them to do.

This professional way of manipulation and misuse of people is used by TV, by newspapers, by politicians, etc. It is a matter of propaganda and ideologies. And this is super dangerous. The destructive impact can be deadly for the single person, for people and society. When the animal is unleashed only God can save you.

The problem of today is that people are manipulated in a most comprehensive and powerful way to stay active only on the emotional level without using the brain to question propaganda. And the propaganda is designed in a way that intellectual discussions are suppressed and topics are reduced to emotional stereotype judgement. And this means hate, aggressions, fighting. There is no space anymore for conversation, discussing different points of view and trying to understand each other.

In conclusion, you, as a student on the holy path should use the keys of wisdom to understand yourself and others better. And you should be very careful to get not entrapped in the diversity of pitfalls of emotional manipulation.

Parts of our world are at the edge and the rising emotions will lead to peace, a peace caused by violence, death and destruction.