Special Meditation for Love and Integration

Life is not easy these days as we have to face countless challenges and deep changes everywhere. These changes cause states of being out of order, being not integrated as the old order is gone and the new order is permanently in change. Simplified put we can say the old order was given by nature and the new order is constructed in an unhealthy way by humans. So in main we have lost the integration in the natural, lawful, good order of creation and the good aspects of it reflected in the human society. This means that many people struggle in their life for job, money, love, friends, family and so on. And this is in main the case for those people who are spiritual and not conditioned by materialistic ideals.

And many people have made the experience that they can fight on and on for bettering their situation but the only thing which happens is that they get exhausted, never accomplishing anything but struggling.

So fighting is not really the solution. Staying active for taking chances is better. And now we come to probably the most important aspect – the conscious reintegration into creation, into the natural-divine order. I mean here especially the reconnection to the higher realms and the hidden parts of creation. Just because in the material world we perceive us as “disconnected” individuals who have to fight in competition for survival, for a good job, a good income, a good partnership, etc. Today most people do not feel the greater unity and with this they do not take part in the all-embracing love, nourishment and abundance of God and creation. And this is exactly the point, – to get back into this important position, state and order.

And when you are back in your natural place, then you are more open, receptive for the support of creation, of the spiritual realms, of your fellow-men. Then things can become easier without the need to fight for everything.

And now let´s go on to the meditation. Get into your position, get into a meditative state and now imagine that you are in the center of the universe, of creation. The whole creation is like an audience which is surrounding you, open for your input. So you are in the center of the spiritual realms, in the center of all spheres with the angels, in the center of the astral realms with all the good souls and beings and in the center of the material world with all your fellow-men. Just imagine that the whole creation is there and you are in the center of it. The idea or intention is sufficient. And now you grow a beautiful rose-pink love energy from your heart which is unconditional and all-embracing, all-permeating, all-connecting. And you grow this love more and more from your heart, from your position in the center of creation, so that the rose-pink love energy is filling and embracing the whole creation. Keep and strengthen this idea, this feeling that your love is permeating, connecting and filling the whole creation on all planes with all beings. And when you do so then you do it like God does it as his divine love is filling the whole creation. You are sending divine love into creation towards all beings and all spheres, all planes of existence. With this you reintegrate yourself into the natural-divine order of creation. Meditate that you are a part, a loving, giving and receiving part of creation which works for the benefit of the greater unity, of the whole creation. And you are happy to be reconnected with creation and all beings and you are now open for positive influences, support, inspiration, happy situations, good chances. Now you are open to take part in the divine abundance, in happiness, etc. Meditate about these things and really feel the wonderful loving connection, the higher unity, the flow of abundance, the support from the spiritual realms and your fellow-men. Be grateful, be happy. Experience how good it is to be back in order and to be a part of the great unity where all parts cooperate and serve each other. Feel the great healing effect on you. Feel how blockades and pain dissolve and how wounds are healed…

Repeat this meditation as often as you like and as it is necessary to cause positive changes in yourself and in your life.

And at last an additional technique: If you work with clients then you can connect by love also with all your potential clients, all those clients who will come in the future and all those who came already. Connect with all of them by intention and divine love to wish them the best and to grow your cooperation, your win-win-situation.

May this meditation help you to change your life to the better!