Calling on the inner god

When you examine a human being, then you can sense intelligence and memory in the whole body, in the whole human being but on different levels, with specific functions and specific feelings, emotions or qualities and powers. Using different words, this means that we find the whole hierarchy of planes of creation in the human microcosm – from the highest one starting at the head, down to the lowest one, ending at the feet. These are the mental and astral planes with their centers, their analogue intelligence, qualities and powers and also sensations, feelings and emotions. This knowledge is old but it is validated recently by scientific research which discovered that we find everywhere brain cells for example in the heart muscle and that even normal muscles have memory so that they remembered being trained and coming back easier into this fitness state. In fact each center of the soul, each chakra has brain cells, intelligence, etc.

With this understanding the meaning of the term subconsciousness becomes clearer. So subconsciousness can be defined as the sum of all intelligence and memory besides the normal mind and memory. So the subconsciousness includes all the centers of the soul and even more.

When we work now with autosuggestion, with autohypnosis, with imagination and meditation, then we work with a combination of these centers and structures of intelligence, power, memory, quality, sensation, feeling, emotion.

So far so good. Normally we address our subconsciousness in a general way but we have also the option to address specific planes and centers for a more specific, successful work.

So for example you could address directly the heart chakra and command it to become active and to care for more inner peace, harmony, happiness, love, etc. or to strengthen the air element in your chest, etc. And if you need more will power or better concentration skills then it makes sense to command your Ajna chakra to become active and to strengthen and refine your will power.

This is all good and makes sense. Coming along with these things you can also address directly your inner god, your divine self which is in main connected to the crown chakra and depending on your maturity more or less an idea in the Akasha plane which wants to unfold by spiritual training. Nevertheless you can address your inner god, – you in your divine nature, in unity with the macrocosmic God. And when you do so it shows divine power, wisdom, love, etc.

So for example you could say (in a meditative state): “Dear inner god, please dissolve and heal xy in my microcosm now! I am happy and grateful for this complete healing of xy!” And then you probably will feel an activation of your crown chakra and the work on your problem. Then keep this meditation that the divine spirit in your, your inner god is working on your problem until it is solved or healed. Or repeat the meditation until you feel better or got your insight, etc.

In the same way you can ask your inner god for enlightenment, for activating, vitalizing, strengthening and refining of abilities, qualities and powers. Just be grateful and open.

So when you ask the inner god then you benefit from the superior divine intelligence, qualities and powers of this aspect of your nature regarding helping you. The lower planes or centers certainly cannot provide this.

So make some experiments and use this technique for your health, happiness and success in life and in the spiritual training.