Materialistic Religion and Spiritual Freedom

A lot of things could be said or written about this topic and some things I have said already. I just want to point on a few aspects as a reminder that it is time to wake up.

We all are used to religions here on earth and we are used to the idea that priests tell us what is right and wrong and how to behave, also doing rituals and following old teachings and so on. We do this unconsciously just because everyone behaves like this and our families and forefathers behaved the same way. And when everyone does it without questioning then it must be okay – so we think.

But unfortunately this is wrong and unhealthy.

Although religion has some useful, positive functions for society, there are aspects which are not good or only good and useful to a certain degree for specific people who are not mature enough to go beyond these limits.

From the point of the view of an initiate it is quite simple. There is an inconceivable primary spirit, – the divine spirit – who contains all powers and virtues beyond human understanding in perfection. This divine spirit gives existence to creation and all creatures out of itself. So from the divine unity the diversity of creation comes into life. And because of this the relationship between the divine spirit and its creatures is pure unconditional love like the sun is radiating light without asking for anything in return. It is only up to us to consciously receive the light and to nourish us from it.

So the creatures are in fact meant to be free and to make experiences and to have the chance to learn from good and bad to be able to choose the right thing for a happy life.

So indeed God does not say “Go to church or go to this temple or do this and that or behave like this and that.” God is more like a loving father who lets his children play on their own, making experiences and keep growing to self-responsible adults one day. And it is up to his children if they become aware of their loving father and if they receive and reflect the divine love consciously.

And while the children are growing they become more and more like their beloved father, – a creator of reality. The children learn to create their reality in a responsible and conscious way.

That´s it in main.

And this is spirituality – to enjoy your given freedom, to learn, to grow, to play, to make good and bad experiences like children do and to become mature adults one day who reflects their father as responsible creators of reality.

And as the divine father shows divine wisdom, divine knowledge, divine love, divine joy of life and so on all in divine degrees we all will show one day these divine characteristics too.

Now, when you compare this to what we know from religions, then you see some great differences. There are religions which do not teach about personal freedom, happiness, personal development, etc. but which keep you imprisoned in certain structures, which make you behave, think and feel in certain ways, which keep you limited by fears, threats, etc. which even use hidden ways to enslave you in the material world so that you cannot unfold your original nature.

We have religions and priests who are wolves covered under a sheepskin, proclaiming to be sheep or maybe superior and the only or main task is to keep control over the flock, to make the flock work for certain, hidden aims and to spend energy for it.

This is also called enslavement or parasitism.

And know that this wouldn´t work at all if it was obvious, if the wolf shows his true face, if the aims were uncovered. So the priests appear with a holy smile and “obviously” best intentions but the truth is quite the contrary.

So it is good to question your tradition and the hidden agenda of it.

By the way, if people start to think about the “holy books”, the “holy teachings” and “holy truths told by God or angels” then they would be astonished about the evil and really bad nature of many of them.

In conclusion it is now the right time to become aware of the dark side of religions, then to get rid of this darkness and to replace it by positive balancing, compensating real spiritual teachings.

History, tradition, culture, – all has its place and also positive, nice aspects and these positive things can be kept by and cultivated but indeed we have to get rid of the evil teachings, rituals, etc. and to restore real spirituality.

Through all times the initiates knew about these things and it was up to them to reap the fruits, which means to gather the mature souls who were ready for higher teachings than those of the normal religious ones for the ignorant masses.

Now the times have changed and most people are mature enough to understand the teachings of freedom and to overcome old limiting structures. It is the great time of awakening where all secret spiritual traditions unveil the way of spiritual training and development.

And at last I want to point at the fact that at the top of nearly each religion there is someone who profits from the hierarchy of followers, from the organization. And these hidden leaders enjoy to wage wars against each other to grow their territory, their income, their numbers of followers. This is the history of mankind – stupid wars for the benefit of a few ones at the top while the rest was slaughtering each other for nonsense.

I really hope that more and more people awake and understand their true nature and the nature of the evil with the friendly masquerade.

We need real peace and understanding on earth as we are one big family and we all can only exist on the basis of compassion and unconditional love. We have to cooperate instead of fighting.