The Symbolism of the Ankh and the Flute

I just want to give a few hints about the symbolism of the Ankh and the flute for your own research.

The Ankh looks like a key or cross, the crux ansata. Independent from the Egyptian version we know today there are hints that this symbol evolved from an abstract statute of a human being. Just imagine a human being standing with the legs together and the arms horizontal stretched to the sides. And when you simplify the head to a round disc in oversize then you get something like an Ankh. In fact we find this representation of a human being or god in the African arts as small statues made from wood. Africa and old Khemit are certainly well connected and it is quite normal that things become more and more abstract over time while the use or meaning is maybe only slightly different.

Regarding its symbolism I personally see a great connection to the meaning and use of the pentagram in the old cultures. It was used as the symbol for the perfect human being. So can be seen the Ankh or its former design as the perfect human being or the completely developed, divine human being. Something one can think about.

The flute is also very interesting. It plays a major role in many spiritual traditions. The god Krishna plays on his flute. Greek gods play on flutes, etc. The symbolism is quite simple as the flute represents the spine or sushumna and the holes of the flute represent the chakras. And when a god plays on the flute then this means that he vitalizes, awakes and transforms the chakras like when this happens by the enlightenment of a person where the spirit enters the sushmna enlightening all chakras.

Further on the flute was played to awaken the chakras by the power of its sounds in the old traditions.

When we think of snake charmers today then this is just a hint at the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti – the snake / cobra. It is all symbolism.

So when you find someone with the right flute then his music can have awakening effects of your energy system, your Kundalini and your chakras.

It is just fascinating how many symbols are still there but their original meaning is a little bit lost. So it is great to discover these things again.