Sounds and higher experiences

The main problem of human beings is that they suffer from the veils of Maya. This means that human beings are not aware of their true or higher nature and not about the higher planes of existence, etc. Due to this they believe that they are independent beings, alone in the material world without any higher connection to the universe and other beings. A human being experiences itself only as a limited, material body and this is not much or just the unimportant third of its real nature. The two more and most important thirds deal with the human spirit and the human soul and all the corresponding qualities, powers and principles. Here is the full potential of the human being hidden. Here the human being can experience divine unity, eternity, being a creator of reality, unconditional being and love, the reality of no limits, the reality of different planes and bodies, higher happiness, ecstasy and much more.

So these are real differences. While the human being feels separated and totally limited in the material world, it can experience freedom and divine states of consciousness on the higher planes.

Once you have made such experiences, your whole attitude towards life and your fellow-men changes to the positive. While maybe before this experience your life meant permanent fights to achieve goals, you are now a person of love, compassion, seeing everything from the higher point of unity. And with this change of attitude and perception all problems of the world will vanish in shortest time.

Traditionally only a few “very important persons” have been initiated into this higher reality beyond the veils of Maya. These were the high priests, the kings, the shamans, etc. They have often used a magic drink which contained DMT and a MAO inhibitor to make these higher experiences possible. Today Ayahuasca is well-known but there are several other “drinks” available too. In most countries such things are forbidden, so that people are not able to look behind the veils of the material world.

Let´s imagine that everyone has the option to make such experiences in a controlled positive way then this would have the power to liberate people from their ignorance, to change the world in fact.

Now it is not really nice to use Ayahuasca or similar things as it has side effects like diarrhea and vomit. And it is forbidden and hard to get and so on.

But the own body is able to produce DMT by itself respectively the needed energies and the needed activation of certain psychic centers can be accomplished also in other ways, for example by meditations and special exercises like we know from many spiritual traditions.

The simplest way to make special experiences, to produce DMT, the energies and activation of centers is to use special sounds which have specific qualities and powers.

According to the higher spiritual teachings, sounds are one aspect of the primordial power of creation. Sounds have a great vitalizing effect on energy corresponding with the air element. Sounds transform energy into a high dynamic power. The effect on the human energy system or body is that the sounds make the body vibrating which means also the activation of certain organs and centers.

Now each sound has a very specific effect on the whole body and on specific centers, glands, etc.

The whole science about the power of sounds and the further aspects of the primordial creative powers of creation are taught in the inner quabbalistic teachings and their counterparts in the cultures of the East.

For the very specific purposes of making special experiences to look behind the veils I have chosen a few sounds for meditation. The sounds have to be used as they are spoken in German language to work well. So please check how they sound like in this language for the right use.

Before you start any exercises of chanting these sounds I have to warn you. Do it carefully, not too long and check the results before you do further chanting. Sounds are very powerful and should never be underestimated in their impact on your energy system. You can chant the sounds mentally but also in a loud voice. Just make experiments and see what works for you in best way.


This sound can bring you enlightenment and the connection to the cosmic consciousness. It is an aspect of Akasha.


This sound is also connect to enlightenment but it is a matter of the active air element. When you use it for your forehead, it can open your third eye for clairvoyance.


This sound can let you experience the primordial self. It is an aspect of Akasha.


This is also an aspect of Akasha and can let you connect to the divine all-permeating love.


This combination consists of ecstasy (J) and of the divine self (U) and is also very powerful and good for higher experiences.

Do some training with each sound separated from the others sounds so that you know the results and specific effects. U, Ü and JU are good in the evening as you can go to bed with these energies quite well for further experiences at night. E and A are maybe a little bit better during the day. But nevertheless just follow your intuition and give it all a try.

I wish you good experiences and all the best for your spiritual development!