God and Goddess

The whole creation is built on the principle of analogy and with this we find the male and the female principle everywhere, even in the highest spheres and in the ideas about God.

Male and female are qualities, states of energy and aspects of the human nature. Male and female are the two sides of one coin. In fact we have one primordial energy which appears in two states of polarity, – the fire element, expansive, warm and the water element, attracting, cool. Between both poles there is the air element, the communicating state of energy where life takes place. On this level of view we can say that fire is male and water is female while both are expressions of the same energy, just in two different states.

On the level of spirits or beings we can say that those who have more fire element or corresponding qualities are male in their nature and those with more water element or corresponding qualities are female in their nature. So for example according to the religious background we can say that there are male and female angels or gods and goddesses or corresponding spirits of nature.

Human beings are much more complex. A human being exists on three planes, – mind, soul and body, and it is made of all five elements. Here we can say that there is a domination of male or female energies in mind, soul and as the specific gender in the physical body. So independent from the physical gender we will find male and female qualities and powers in every human being in higher or lower degrees. The “configuration” of these energies belongs to the teachings of the occult anatomy, the work of the two fluids on all three planes. The polar nature of human beings causes the well-known attraction, including the need for finding a partner and for procreation. Here we see again that man and woman are the two aspects of a greater unity.

Now people may say or think that men and women are so different and in parts this might be true due to the different domination of the elements but on the other hand there are many similarities which are only slightly different. For example when you compare the love of a father with the love of a mother. Both are nourishing for the children with the small difference that the love of the father origins more from his male, fire element energy and the love of the mother origins more from her female, water element energy. It is interesting to examine such things. And certainly a child needs both.

Now we come to the divine aspects of male and female qualities. Here I want to start with the religious ideas we know. When you take a look at Christianity, Islam and Judaism you can ask yourself why there is only a divine father, a God idea and the divine mother is missing. This is strange and it is simply not lawful according to the principles of creation. One explanation is that the culture of these religions is based on patriarchate where the woman and with her the female principle plays a subordinate role – men are dominating. This is already quite unhealthy and this is also the reason for many problems we have to face since the start of these religions. If the male fire is not balanced by the female water, we have to face problems like aggression, war, blown up egos, domination of others and so on. The female water energy is necessary for healing, for peace, for love, for humility, kindness, and so on. These things are something to think about deeply. So in fact as long as the female principle is not respected and equally enthroned, we will go on with all the problems in the world. The second reason for the idea of a divine father without a divine mother is the focus on the spirit together with the neglecting of the soul. It is a general assignment to say that the spirit is male and the soul is female. Pure thinking is male and feelings are female. Feelings are a matter of the water element. And further on the spirit itself, especially the divine spirit is of high electric, fiery nature. So it has good reason to differentiate like this – spirit = male and soul = female while the physical body belongs to the earth element.

So and these latest religions had their focus on the spirit, the divine male principle, the divine father while they have neglected the divine female principle. One simple reason is that in the spiritual training it is all about the spiritualization of the soul, the refinement of the soul to spirit degrees. Because of this Jesus also talks obviously only about the divine father, saying that he is spirit from the spirit of the father. He is spiritualized completely. In one text he is asked if women can follow his teachings as well – as they are female in their nature. He replies that they have to become men and then it works. This means women have to spiritualize their souls as well – transforming into male spirit nature. In other words, one should be no longer driven by emotions but be filled with divine spirit. I am quite sure that Jesus had some more teachings which were not published and which also showed respect to the female principle but the official church took a different path.

Regarding the church we can see how much the female divine principle has been missing as they were forced to install Maria as a substitute in their religion. And what has happened? The Christian monks worship Maria and many most beautiful cathedrals are dedicated to Maria and not to God or Jesus. The divine mother is missing so bad.

In the oldest religions like in Hinduism there we find the lawful presentation of a god always with his goddess, his wife and often also with children. When you are initiated into the deeper understanding of the Hinduistic religion then you can see that the old wisdom of the universal laws is reflected in it. So for example god as well as goddess are in general addressed with corresponding qualities, powers and abilities, also with their own field of work and responsibility. And their appearance is also well chosen and analogue to their characteristics.

The god shows a domination of the fire element and the goddess has a domination of the water element while both show aspects of all five elements (like humans do).

Let us now approach the universal ideas of a Divine Father or God and a Divine Mother or Goddess. So certainly both are the two poles of one higher nature, one higher unity and they are both from the same origin. The Father has his specific field of responsibility, his specific characteristics, etc. and the Mother too. Both can be worshipped in an abstract way but also in a concrete form like we know it from all the old religions. In the abstract understanding we can see the Father as the divine spirit and the Mother as creation which gives birth to her countless children, inseminated by the Father. So the Father provides spirit for his children and the Mother provides the soul and the worlds of creation. The Father is the inseminating principle and the mother is the birth giving principle as well as the nourishing principle. And all creatures on all planes are their children. We all are nourished by the love of our divine parents.

In a concrete form we can see the Father as a man who is deeply connected to Akasha, the spirit, divine or cosmic consciousness, expressing the electric spirit and the qualities of Akasha, often with attributes of authority and power. When you look a Ptah or Vishnu then you get a good impression. And the Mother is a beautiful woman with a wonderful fertile body, a wonderful dress and gestures of abundance, blessings, giving, etc. Isis and Lakshmi are good examples. It can be quite useful to contemplate about such expressions of the Divine Mother and Divine Father.

Now there are two further aspects of this topic. One is the aspect of initiation into spiritual mysteries and the other one is the worshipping of the God and Goddess.

Initiation has always been something mysterious, something special, something hidden. And depending on the kind of initiation and the traditional background these things were connected to the female principle, to the Divine Mother, the Goddess and to nature. Now let´s remember that the Divine Mother is connected to creation and procreation, to nature and certainly to the woman and the body of the woman. Again we find here important analogies which are also used for initiation, for celebration and worshipping. The female womb is the most secret, most mysterious place where the greatest mystery takes place, – the procreation, the uniting of the female and male principles to create a new life. And the womb is analogue to the universe where the light is born, where the worlds are born, where creation happens. The womb is also analogue to the dark caves of ancient times where initiation took place, in the womb of Mother Nature but it is also reflected in temples and churches. It is the secret chamber, the holy room where the mystery happens and initiation takes place. According to this celebration of the womb the fertility of women respectively of the goddess was emphasized and worshiped. So the goddess was shown as a beautiful fertile woman with big breasts full of milk representing the nourishing aspect. In these former times the goddess and with this all women were respected and worshipped for giving life to children, for brining abundance into the world.

And with this we come to the last aspect. Indeed it makes a lot of sense to worship the Divine Father and the Divine Mother for what they are and to feel a deep love and connection to both. We are their children. Their love is nourishing us. And we are meant to become like them, to unfold our divine inner nature and be conscious creators of life and our world.

And it makes also a lot of sense to start again to worship the divine female principle in women and the divine male principle in men, especially in a relationship and regarding parents, etc. So the husband can and should love and worship the divine goddess in his wife with all her female beauty and characteristics. And the wife can and should love and worship the divine god in her husband, the male attributes.

Love, respect and appreciation are a good basis for life.

You can bring so much beauty into your relationship and into your life.

Cultivate beauty in everything and you celebrate the divine principle!

PS: The Goddess can be experienced in a most wonderful way by the work with the quabbalistic letter W. W is the Goddess. Regarding female energies there is nothing more beautiful and more fulfilling for a man to experience the energy of W. If a woman charges herself with W she will be the incarnated Goddess and a great gift to her husband. The man can charge himself with corresponding energies, maybe with D which will cause a great attraction…

Besides this we find all the beauty of the Goddess in the Venus sphere and on the level of the spirits of nature expressed by the mermaids in the water element.

A man should be in control over himself that he does not become a victim of these special realms.