Cleaning, Healing and Empowerment

I dedicate this article to my friend and spiritual brother Victor Catalin as it was his idea to work in this way. The question was how to cause positive changes in a most efficient and simple way. Changes need two things, – first you have to get rid of your blockades and second you have to activate your personal power. Then you can make progress and cause real changes in your life.

The first part deals with cleaning and healing. And the second part deals with empowerment.

First part:

You can clean and heal yourself efficiently with violet energy at the same time. Get into your meditation position, inhale and exhale several times, clam down, close your eyes and now imagine that you are in a space filled with a wonderful, powerful violet energy or light. This violet energy is able to dissolve all kinds of bad energies, bad thoughts, bad emotions, bad life experiences, – all kinds of blockades and ill, wasted energies. At the same time the violet energy has the power to heal all your wounds, to balance your mind, your soul, your energy system. Now just inhale this violet energy and let it flow through your whole body, cleaning all your energy channels, your chakras, your energy organs and all your body regions. You can imagine that this violet light is flowing from above, entering your crown chakra, your head, shoulders, arms, chest, belly, legs, etc. circulating, cleaning and healing you from inside and flowing through your pores out of your body. Just let the violet energy flow through your whole system, cleaning and healing it in general. The violet energy is working inside but also outside in your aura. It is cleaning your whole microcosm inside and outside. All bad energies are dissolved. Go on with this meditation until you feel cleaned and healed. If you have a special blockade or problem then let the violet energy flow into this problem and let it dissolve the problem energy. Keep this meditation until you feel that the special problem energy is completely dissolved by the violet energy. Remember that all bad thoughts, bad life experiences, bad emotions and illness are just energies which can be dissolved and replaced by something positive, by positive energies.

You can repeat this cleaning and healing meditation as often as you like or from time to time. When you feel that it has worked for you then you can go on with part two:

Empowerment, – the activation of your own powers and abilities, can be done in a simple way by using golden energy. Golden energy is divine energy. It is the energy which nourishes your divine being, your “higher self”, your inner god or in other words your original nature. Golden energy is the one power which contains all the qualities of all other powers. It is the energy of the sun. Get again into your meditation position, inhale and exhale, calm down, close your eyes and now imagine yourself in the center of a space full of golden energy. Meditate about the wonderful divine qualities of the golden energy, that it will strengthen and activate your divine nature, that it will empower you in all aspects, so that you will be more successful, more brilliant but also better protected, with a feeling of freedom and being centered in yourself. Now just inhale the golden energy and saturate yourself with it. Become completely golden. Let the golden energy flow into your whole energy system and accumulate so much that the golden energy is radiating from your skin, your body. Meditate again about your divine empowerment and that you can now overcome all obstacles much easier. You are now a winner. Meditate about this in general and if necessary also regarding a specific need or wish. Imagine how you master successfully a difficult situation because you are filled with golden energy, really empowered, divine in nature.

You can repeat this meditation as well as often as you like. And if you do it as a kind of training then you will support your spiritual development, the unfolding of your original, divine nature.

We all are indeed children of the sun.

May these techniques help you to master your life in a better way!

With love, Ray