Special aspects of the air element

The air element has a very special nature and cannot really be compared with the “normal” other three elements. The air element is the space between fire and water, between these two real poles. Only in this space life can take place. Only here is a life providing, maintaining energy given. It is not too hot and not too cold. Life takes place between the poles. Life is provided, supplied by the two poles of fire and water.

Close to the fire pole the electric fluid shows up and close to the water pole the magnetic fluid shows up. In the center between both poles the air element unveils Akasha. Therefore the air element has similar characteristics like Akasha, – the balancing power, the principle of harmony, being spacy.

In the body the air element can support several special abilities and powers. The air element supports mental and astral traveling, ecstasy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, states of trance, the third eye, inspiration, wisdom, etc.

Two main centers of the air element are the heart chakra and the forehead chakra. Both play a major role regarding the abilities which I have mentioned above. The forehead chakra is the mental center of the air element and the so-called third eye and the heart chakra is the air element center of the soul.

For practical purposes you can activate the heart chakra for example to get easy into trance to be open for higher perceptions, for inspiration and to support your third eye for clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Besides all this, one interesting point is that all these special abilities and characteristics are a matter of the natural unfolding of the heart chakra and later correspondingly the forehead chakra. This means the flourishing of the heart center in the terms of unconditional divine love and real wisdom is a necessary and natural milestone of the human spiritual development. While all spiritual traditions know this, some ego-based western traditions love to ignore it and prefer artificial ways to gain similar abilities.

In conclusion, when you develop the natural, mystical love, true compassion, inner peace and the feeling of unity then your higher abilities, which I have mentioned above, will unfold naturally.

Certainly a good amount of specific training is useful.

The heart chakra is the key to God on the level of the soul.

I salute the mystics!