Healing with light – special techniques

White light is a great medium for healing in general and I have written already about this topic. I want to add today a few techniques which are might not used normally.

The basis is to imagine a space of brilliant white light, maybe divine light. Normally you place yourself into the center of this space to do breathing exercises for self-healing. As you know, you can also place another person or animal, plant, etc. into this space of light and make it breathing for healing purposes.

This treatment of someone else in the light on the pure basis of imagination is very powerful as you focus only on his soul without the physical body. You can do this in the same way for yourself. Here you imagine yourself on distance, in front of you in the center of a space of light. This is like putting a dry sponge into water. The sponge absorbs directly the water and saturates itself with it. And this happens when you project your soul into the light – it absorbs the light and starts directly with self-healing processes. And this works already without any breathing.

Now you can put your soul into the light, – in your imagination. But you can put also your whole microcosm – soul plus aura into the light which has further effects on you. You can put single body parts and even single organs into the light. This maximizes the self-healing effects. And further on you can check if an organ is in good health or ill. If it is ill you feel directly a high activity in the organ when you put it into the light.

So when for example your kidneys have problems then just imagine both kidneys “hanging in the air” respectively in the light, surrounded by the light. Your kidneys will absorb automatically great amounts of light and start to heal themselves.

Further on you could make the inhale the light. This is not directly necessary. Remember the sponge.

You can increase further on the effects by imagining that whatever you place into the light is permeable (Akasha principle).

So in conclusion you can easily work with light for such purposes for yourself and others and you can vitalize yourself with this too, especially your mental being.

When you use violet light instead of the white light, it has a killing effect on parasites and dissolves also all kinds of negative energies while it has at the same time balancing, healing effects. The white light just supplies perfect energy to support the self-healing activities of your energy system or body.

As always some experiments and own experiences will guide you well in your practice.

In our training self-healing is very important and certainly it makes sense to heal also others who are in need.