The dark side of the human being

As long as mankind exists people have been suffering from the evil, – human evilness, respectively the dark side of the human nature. So it is an interesting question where this darkness comes from, – why people are evil and destructive without any mercy, why people enslave, exploit and torture other people and all kinds of beings in general.

I try to give answers here.

One aspect is pure ignorance or dullness as a matter of immaturity of the soul. Many people do not know what they are doing. They have no idea about the suffering they cause and they do not know anything about the consequences. A traditional way to teach such souls is to make them feel the pain themselves. So they know the effects of their actions. This is also a traditional way of teaching martial arts. First you feel the effects of a technique by yourself so that you know how painful it is and that you have to be very careful by using such techniques in your training. This is learning by own experiences.

A second aspect is a lacking of empathy, the water element quality which lets you take part in the experience of another being. The first aspect was about the air element, – wisdom and knowledge. In fact there are people who lack of empathy as their ability to feel is not well developed. They are more aware on the mental level but not really emotionally active. “Being stuck in the head.” So when your behavior is dominated by the intellect and you lack of empathy, then you can easily act in an evil, destructive way. Empathy can be trained in an intellectual way or directly by exercises with the water element.

A third aspect is the missing of conscience, – the quality of Akasha. The conscience is the aspect of Akasha in the human mind which cares about a balanced, positive behavior. It is connected to the principle of unity which says that if you hurt someone else, you hurt yourself as everything is connected and part of a higher unity. So if someone lacks of conscience then he is not able to understand subconsciously the deeper unity of all beings and the idea to behave in a positive, supportive way. If you are a part of a greater unity then it is natural to support all other parts to be supported yourself. A lacking of conscience is a matter of a missing connection to the higher unity, to God. This is a matter of a kind of disorder as conscience is a natural aspect of the human being. Healing is necessary and maybe a positive change of the attitude towards life if it is caused by long term negative experiences or bad behavior.

A fourth aspect comes along with the fire element, with hate, aggression, feelings of being superior, of being absolute, etc. Someone who is dominated by the fire element cannot show empathy as this is water element. It is the unbalanced fire element in bad quality which causes a lot of suffering and violence. Balancing with the other elements and refinement are necessary.

A fifth aspect are the larvae, the emotional parasites of the human being which stimulate their hosts to specific emotional reactions, bad (self-) destructive behavior. The host or victim is possessed and not in control. This problem is the case in nearly all situations where desires, addictions and bad patterns of behavior are shown. The larvae feed themselves from the lower emotional energies or addiction energies of their victims. Here is a cleaning, healing and empowerment necessary.

A sixth aspect is the possession of a real dark force, a demon or another evil being or soul or dark master which keeps control over the human. Here the human being is enslaved, not in control, has to serve the dark being and often the human being is poisoned by dark energies to keep him away from the natural light of the divine spirit. In fact he is separated from the natural source of life and only nourished by the evil energies. This is certainly a very difficult case with difficult and complex causes. The victim has to be liberated (if possible at all) and then it has to be cleaned from the dark energies and reconnected to the divine force. While the problem with larvae is normal and common, the possession of a real dark being is more a matter of dark secret societies, dark practices, evil contracts, etc. It is the result of “playing with dark forces” without caring about the consequences.

Evil behavior is also an aspect of traditional, religious or cultural conditioning. If your grandfather did it, your father did it, then you will do it and your son will do it too. And if everyone does it then you can do it as well. In these cases evil behavior is legitimated by society, by tradition, by authorities. Also if God wants you to act in a destructive, evil way then it is also “good” and legitimated (you think so because your holy book or your priest has told you this). Indeed, people just need a “nice” cause, legitimation by science, by religious leaders, by politicians, by “God” then many are willing to do evil. It is a matter of psychology. Find a “good” reason and then you can do everything. Then it is justified.

Destructive, evil behavior is also a matter of the so-called ego. The natural state of the ego is positive but very limited in the understanding of the world. The ego perceives itself as an individual which is separated from the rest, which has to care for its needs and wishes, which has to fight against other egos to get what it wants. Taking care for oneself, taking care of own needs, etc. and also fighting in competition with other individuals is natural. It becomes only evil when a certain level is exceeded. This can be the case when the ego is very powerful in comparison with the other egos of his community or if the ego is perverted into an evil ego by traumatic experiences. This is perfectly compared with a natural good child which turns really evil when it is emotionally hurt. The ego is indeed the inner child with its limited understanding of the world. Only when the ego, the little child is taken by the hand of the heart, the unconditional love of the heart center in the soul, it can feel good, safe and it can return to a positive, natural attitude. Most spiritual traditions neglect this chance to heal and reintegrate the child, the ego. Instead they force the ego to die, which means suicide. When the ego is dead only the spirit is left without any personal feelings or wishes. This is unlawful and evil. So the ego has to be healed from bad life experiences. It has to be taught how life works and it has to be nourished and guided by the love and the wisdom of the heart.

Then we have the different mental disorders which cause evil or destructive behavior. Disorders are imbalances which long for healing as simple as it is.

A special disorder concerns those who have no real contact to their soul, their feelings, emotions and with this to empathy. They are only aware on the mental level, in parts connected to lower animalistic desires. These are often the so-called “psychopaths”. They are like predators always on the hunt to satisfy lower desires. Psychopaths and sociopaths are a very special topic and cannot be dealt with in a few words. Somehow they are a mixture of animal, smart brain, charisma, insanity, lower desires, predators, etc. So far there hasn´t been made enough research to deeply understand this phenomenon and so possibilities for healing are a big question.

The greatest evil which has caused the most suffering is the perverted intellect. Naturally the intellect has the function to process the information which the intuition is receiving. The intellect is very limited and comparable with a kind of computer or calculator which can only process data to some degree. The intuition is holistic and not limited. It receives results directly, also all kinds of information. This data has to be processed by the intellect to prepare it for the use or realization of tasks. The intellect is naturally the servant of the intuition. But especially in our days the intellect has overthrown the intuition and enthroned and blew up itself. Not the intellect pretends to be the king although he is only a fraud in the wrong position. The intuition is meanwhile turned to dust, as something which no one should trust. However that may be the intellect with his super limited understanding rules like a king and goes easily against all laws of nature, all natural needs of the human being and all higher principles of creation. Indeed the perverted intellect is the most evil dictator. Just think about your everyday life. When your body is tired, your intellect forces you to go on with work. When it is dark outside and your body wants to sleep the intellect forces you to turn the lights on so that you can stay active. When you have a bad feeling (intuition) about a situation, the intellect calms you down and brings arguments to go on. When you know that the extra hours at your office are bad, you follow the intellectual arguments of your boss to work even harder. Indeed you are conditioned to follow intellectual arguments. “Scientists say this and therefore you have to do that.” The intellect says “We have to increase our income, so we have to fire 50% of the employees and the rest has to work harder!” It is the unhealthy logic of the intellect. The limitations of the intellect, the lacking of real understanding, the lacking of empathy, of the holistic view makes the intellect so dangerous. One of the most “wonderful” effects of the perverted intellect are ideas like this “Science say that we have to many people on earth, so we have to reduce them by artificial diseases, by deadly vaccinations, by war or whatever.” This is the intellect. Ask Bill about his plans for Africa. Ask other “intellectual people” with great power and influence.

The intellect makes his “funny”, limited calculations to deal with the challenges of life and the results are disasters.

Another “funny” example is the idea to buy up all the fish of a lake in Africa and to export it with the result that the people suffer from hunger and as a solution expansive chicken from oversea are sold there. Mankind is so insane that you could cry 24 hours per day or realize a great comedy show if it wasn´t so sad.

The intellect has to be brought back into his original position, as a servant of the holistic intuition and the intuition has to be enthroned again. Only then everything can get back to balance.

And a last funny thing: People believe only that they are completely driven by their superior, scientific intellect. In reality they are driven by their subconsciousness and all the desires which are hidden there. Only after a subconscious action to satisfy a desire, the intellect is asked to find a fitting reason, justification for the action.

In conclusion we need a lot of healing and refinement. Only then we can get back to a natural, positive and well-balanced state of living.