Fighting your own Demons

On the spiritual path the seeker has to face many challenges. One big challenge is to face your own darkness, your dark side. You have to fight your own demons and you should win in the end.

This sounds quite metaphoric but it has a deeper or hidden truth.

Our own “demons” are no real demons but in fact these are parasites, so-called larvae which nourish themselves from the lower desires, the lower emotions and the energies of addictions. These larvae are somehow built by their hosts. They have a low degree of intelligence and a strong will to survive. To get the necessary food, – the energies or emotions and addictions – they have to influence their hosts to maintain their unhealthy, bad behavior to produce more energy, more food. So when you often show the same patterns of behavior to satisfy desires or addictions and when you react always in the same way in certain situations, then you probably have some parasites, some larvae which influence you.

Let´s take an example. Let´s imagine you are a smoker. As long as you smoke, you feed your little friends, the larvae and everything is fine. When you stop smoking for a while, your larvae become hungry and they influence you with ideas “Oh it is time for the next cigarette!” or “I should buy some cigarettes.” Or “It is the right time to smoke now.” These are the voices in your head which make proposals and which get angry when you do not follow.

Now let´s imagine you want to stop smoking. The larvae get panicky as their life is threatened. So they do everything to make you smoke. The longer you resist the more powerful and aggressive they become. And now is the question who is in control? You or the parasites? And this is normally a real fight with all kinds of bad emotions, aggressions, destructive behavior, bad thoughts, etc. It is your personal challenge. Most people do not win because they lack of will power and understanding.

This challenge plays a role in all spiritual traditions, – that you are stronger than desires, than needs, that you keep control of yourself under all circumstances in all situations.

In the Bardon teachings we find this early when he talks about dealing with bad characteristics, personal flaws. He talks about fighting them. The background or sense is here that the student shall develop a strong will. Fighting makes strong.

A major key in fighting with larvae is that their energy for fights last only some minutes and then they become weak. They often try several times again to win back the control over you but every time they get even weaker. The energy supply is missing and so they have to die after some time if you are able to resist their influences, neglecting to nourish them with emotional reactions or addictions.

Time is the key. It is the key to win over larvae but also to master all kinds of needs and also fears, panic, and so on.

When you start fighting your own demons then know that you are stronger by nature. A normal larvae in the size of a leech cannot be as strong as a human being. It can only bother you like hell and create the illusion of power.

Larvae can also be dissolved by Akasha, violet light, by love energy and by sea salt baths. They depend on their specific energy and cannot stand higher energies.

It is useful to fight consciously with your own larvae to increase your understanding about their nature, how they work and how to dissolve them.

Have fun!