The smaller or bigger problem with quality and quantity

Quality and quantity or power are the two sides of one coin. So everything has a quality side and a quantity side. Quality means in main characteristic, ability, intention, quality itself, etc. Quantity means in main power, the amount of energy. So for example if we talk about something like love then we can speak about its quality – unconditional love or selfish love – and its quantity – normal power or really powerful, etc.

This polarity of quality and quantity comes along with a small or maybe bigger problem for spiritual students but also for all humans.

Humans often have an idea in their mind – the quality aspect – and they want to realize it – but they lack of power – quantity – to do so.

“I would love to visit China but I have not the energy to do it.”

“I dream about being a physician but I have not the energy to undergo the education.”

“I long for enlightenment but I cannot undergo the spiritual training. I don´t have the time, the discipline, the energy, etc. to do so.”

In fact everything needs power for realization. So if you want to realize something then a good idea is not enough. You have to care about a good source of power to make it happen.

And if someone has made the decision to undergo a spiritual training then he has to face the same problem again.

He wants to develop the special ability XY and so he focuses his effort on it. But this doesn´t work as he misses the quantity aspect.

For example you want to develop the quality of unconditional love. This is so far just an idea without power. Now you focus on it, you meditate on it and you try hard to make this idea powerful which is comparable with trying to grow a mosquito to the seize of an elephant. As this is really hard you probably fail or you have to put your own energy into the idea to make it stronger to realize.

Unfortunately most spiritual students of most traditions work this way and wonder why progress is so hard or simply not feasible.

When you know about quality and quantity then you do it in a different way. You produce or gather the energy in the seize of the elephant and then you give it the quality of the mosquito.

Translated to our example this means that you gather energy and transforms it into energy with the quality of unconditional love.

And this way of working is valid for the development of all abilities and special characteristics. Just take a useful amount of power and impregnate it with your wished for quality. Then it can realize or follow your purpose.

But please do not try to grow a mosquito to the seize of an elephant without the necessary power (substance) supply.

This is the small difference which can help you to more success in life and in the spiritual training.