A Powerful Healing Technique

As we know there exist countless ways to heal someone or to treat yourself for healing. Healing means to restore balance, harmony and with this health. Healing takes place on the mental level, on the emotional level of the soul, on the energetic level of our energy system and at last also on the physical level.

Besides all the sophisticated techniques for treatment of specific problems, disorders and diseases there is also one which is superior powerful but also simple as it uses the laws of nature in a very smart way.

It consists of three aspects. We use Akasha. We use vital energy. And we use meditation. So the treatment is perfectly lawful and with this successful. (I don´t want to discuss the hidden details here but if you have a good knowledge in metaphysics you will understand the synthesis.)

How does it work?

You get into your meditation state. Now you imagine yourself in the center of Akasha, a very fine dark violet energy which is independent from time and space, all permeating, all connecting, all balancing, nourishing and ruling over the four elements, etc. You meditate about this energy and its qualities for a while and then you inhale this energy with your whole body until you are saturated with it. In result you feel time- and spaceless. Now you switch in your imagination to the center of fresh vital energy which has a slightly electric, active quality. Meditate about this. You are surrounded by this energy. Now accumulate this energy in your whole body by inhaling it from all sides. Charge yourself to a good degree until you really feel full. Now stay in this space of vital energy which is simply everywhere, also in your aura. Start to meditate now that the vital energy activates and supports in a great way all your self-healing processes, that the energy dissolves all bad energies, all blockades while it heals your mind, soul, energy system and physical body at the same time. The energy causes a deep and complete healing of your whole microcosm. Focus also directly on the healing of your problems. Imagine that your mind, soul and body are getting back into total harmony and health. Keep this meditation for at least half an hour. Then you can program the energy to dissolve automatically into the universe when a total healing is accomplished. Or as an option dissolve the energy by yourself when you feel that it is the right time.

That´s it. Now a short explanation about what is happening:

The Akasha element has great healing effects already as it connects everything in your whole microcosm and causes balance directly by the compensation of all the energies inside of you. It brides also blockades, supplies necessary energies and dissolves bad energies. Then you add a lot of vital, active energy to your system which has no limits thanks to Akasha. So it can flood your system and your system can use it perfectly for healing. Then you give the whole process the program or quality of total healing by meditation. And altogether it is really powerful, one of the most powerful ways of healing yourself. Akasha + active vital energy + program/intention = powerful instant results.

Use this for yourself. If necessary repeat it. It is a very high technique as you work with Akasha. So show responsibility.

With this technique you can clean, heal and balance everything in your microcosm on all three planes.

And remember – only when you are in total balance all doors will open for you. In the center of balance there is God.