The Diabolic Spirit

I must really apologize that I write this article sooo late as it is such a very important or most important topic. When you understand the diabolic spirit or principle then you understand what is going on today, – what is going to climax in these days.

I am not talking about a devil or something like this. I am talking about a principle and mental attitude.

To be able to understand the diabolic spirit we first have to understand its opposite, – the spirit of unity. The whole creation has emerged from ONE and although creation is based on the principle of diversity, the original principle of unity is permeating creation. Unity means also order and that all beings follow this natural, given order. Order is based on neutral laws and principles and all beings are made by them and represent them. Order means also a lawful differentiation of qualities, powers, states, etc. as well as of positions, functions, duties, responsibilities and so on. So indeed every being has its own well defined position in creation with its own well defined function, etc. We can examine this easily in the animal kingdom. We can see this also in all kinds of societies.

Everything works under law and order. Without the natural principle of unity, – law and order – we would have chaos, something which cannot really exist or work as everything is based on physics, metaphysics, on laws, principles, order.

Order implies also hierarchy. You need someone who fills in positions with more responsibility and someone who fills those positions with smaller functions or duties. It is not possible that everyone does everything – chaos – but specific beings have specific functions. We see this principle in all societies and especially in the spiritual hierarchy with the spirits of the spheres and the countless beings which are busy with keeping creation working.

So, when someone has a minimum knowledge about physics, metaphysics, principles of organization or management, then he will understand that these things are given, are natural and necessary. And in fact there is not a single option to this. Only human minds create all kinds of funny non-realistic ideas of organization, order, laws, societies and so on.

Now let´s turn to the opposite of the natural, lawful order of creation. The diabolic spirit goes against the principles of nature, of the spirit of unity. In the term “diabolic” we find already its meaning, – to break the natural unity into two pieces.

So what happens when you break a former, natural unity into separated units? It is a trauma, it causes pain, agony, suffering, also aggression, hate and so on. It is a state which is unnatural, unhealthy and both parts feel the deep need to unite again.

Indeed a healing is necessary as this state of separation keeps both parts suffering all the time.

The diabolic spirit acts against the principle of unity, against the laws of nature, against life and creatures.

Besides the basic action of causing separation there are many further aspects which are all connected to this idea.

The diabolic spirit separates humans from God, humans from nature, men from women, children from their parents, religion from spirituality, spirituality from science, sex from love, old people from young ones, humans from the laws of nature, humans from their own true nature, laws from being lawful and so on.

The diabolic spirit supports fights and agony everywhere – thanks to the unlawful separation of unity. Everyone is fighting against everyone and everything – because of separation and the lacking of the feeling of unity. Just have a look at society and you know what I mean.

But that´s not all. The diabolic spirit pushes also the perversion of good into bad and bad into good. So everything what is originally good, lawful and positive is now turned into evil, unlawful and negative. And the other way – everything which has original a bad meaning, a negative meaning is turned into good. All what is bad, destructive, negative is now supported, celebrated, published, etc. and sold as something great, new, good. So all old and positive virtues, values of mankind and society, of nature are changed into their opposite.

Also absolute and relative are changed, so that relative things get an absolute meaning and the absolute becomes relative. Lies and half-truths become truths, also laws and the truth becomes something which can be interpreted as you like. Perpetrators and criminals become victims, victims are seen as guilty. War is good and peace is useless. Opinions count more than facts. And so on…

These techniques of the diabolic spirit cause countless disasters, problems, suffering, fights, chaos, also increase dullness, stupidity, brainwashed behavior and so on. This is exactly what we can experience as a climax today worldwide. The diabolic spirit is in control.

Now the question may occur why is this unholy spirit ruling today like never before?

So certainly behind all actions in general, behind all attitudes, all behavior there is always an intention. So why are there people which go against the natural order, against the divine natural principles of creation?

The answer is quite simple. Creation is built on the principle of giving and receiving, on a dynamic balance of an exchange of energy. It origins from the principle of unity. Giving and receiving in love as all beings are part of the greater unity. When you think of the circles of nature or the human body where all parts serve the greater unit and the greater unit serves all parts, then you see everywhere is principle at work.

But unfortunately there are beings, also human beings which do not want to give and receive. They only want to receive and they are not willing to be a part of the greater order, the greater unity.

And when you only want to receive, then you have to go against the natural order and the laws of nature. You have to break the natural-divine unity so that you are able to make fellow humans serving you.

So the diabolic spirit or principle is a tool to create your life as a parasite of creation, of mankind. And indeed this is ill but it is an option for the human being to neglect being a part of the greater unity.

It is parasitism but can be also seen as cancer as both are a matter of selfishness and disorder in a natural system.

It is recommendable to question all things which you take for normal, maybe good since you were a child. Children do not question the religion or belief or tradition or culture from their parents or country, they take it for real, for lawful, true and good even if it is not the case. This is one major reason why there is so much evil in the world – because we are used to it and do not question it. And further on people fear to question it because then their whole philosophy, their worldview might collapse and maybe their conscience awakes. And what will be there instead of the old worldview? Emptiness, fears, insecurity…

As I have said we experience the climax of the diabolic spirit in our world. The process of self-destruction is reaching its peak soon. And how many people are already so brainwashed that they are sooo far from the natural state, from being a part of creation, from knowing themselves?!

It is high time to reinstall and cultivate the natural-divine spirit of unity and with this the principles of love, compassion, true care, wisdom, peace, virtues, values, ideals, refinement, balance, lawfulness, and so on. And please know that we have to do this as a community, not as lonesome wolves.

And maybe as a last word. I know that there are so many “smart” people outside who think that they are clever in supporting the diabolic spirit and spreading it. They think that this makes them smart and successful while all others are dull like cattle and can be misused like cattle. But in the end the diabolic shepherd will come and slaughter his cattle, the smart guys, his smart servants. And if this does not happen, then creation will get rid of these smart guys as a body gets rid of its parasites or cancer cells.

Who wants to be an ill cell in a healthy body?

Who wants to be a parasite?

Who wants to be treated like an ill cell or a parasite?

Please wake up my dear fellow-men and know when you face the diabolic spirit at work! Only when you know what is happening, you know how to change things to the better.

So let us banish the diabolic spirit!

Let us support the spirit of unity!

Let us bring a deep healing to our world and society!