How you can change the world

It is an old topic of discussions. How can a single person change the world? How can a few people change the world?

The first impulse is to say “Never! Not at all! How should it be possible?!”

A different impulse is to say “When I behave in the right way, others may follow!”

Okay, let´s start thinking to find a feasible way. Imagine that it is war, maybe 500-1000 years ago, you and your army are facing the enemy with his army. Hundreds of soldiers are facing their death. It is just a question of a few hours and fortune. Now you have two alternatives: First one – you command your army to fight until death. Hundreds will die for sure. Second one – you are smart and you know that you only need to get the head of the enemy army. Then all his soldiers are out of control and will flee OR will do what you want them to do.

Indeed it is always about the head – move the head and the rest will follow. In conclusion if you want to change something then you must get into control of the head, – equal if it is a human being, an army or a big organisation, society.

Second step. We are not at war. In fact we are suffering from too many wars and too much senseless destruction. Additionally we are spiritual people with high ideals. So what we can do are “positive influences”.

So far so clear?

The technique itself:

First of all look for like-minded people to build a smaller or bigger group. Then choose a head which you want to influence in a positive way. This can be a politician, some kind of leader in society, in an organisation or in economics, maybe also a religious leader. In general – behind a visible leader/head there are others which more power, control and influence and the visible head is often some kind of puppet. But still someone with much power and influence by himself.

So, you have chosen a head who is in command of an organisation you want to change to the better. Good. Now think about what this leader lacks of – certainly/probably he lacks of compassion, wisdom, true love, selflessness, understanding, justice, conscience and other positive characteristics. On the other hand he is probably selfish, cold, rational, materialistic, maybe evil, etc.

Now the point is to dissolve the negative qualities and to integrate and raise the positive qualities, to care for enlightenment. Indeed your aim is to turn his character around, to switch him from bad to good.

How can you do this? By spiritual healing on distance or/and by building prayer groups which use prayers and imagination/meditation to realize this transformation. The more people work on this, the better and faster the results.

And what will happen? The evil leader will develop positive qualities, will gain insights in his failures and he will feel the need for positive changes. Indeed he has the power to implement these positive changes, also to influence other bad people with power.

Imagine that there is a dictator with his small group of rulers. Imagine now that maybe 2-5-9 or more spiritual people come together to focus their power in prayers and imagination on this dictator to develop love in him, compassion, light, etc. Imagine that this work is done regularly twice per week or more. Imagine this is kept by for some weeks, maybe months, – until major changes happen for the country of the dictator.

Imagine such a great result for the suffering people of this country. Imagine what you have done. You and your friends have done something really great.

Now imagine that you gather 10-20-50 or more people for such a task. How efficiently this would work?!

And imagine how many bad leaders are ruling in this world on all levels of society, – how much good you could do, how “easily” you could work on changes.


Do it alone or with a few fellows. Choose someone you know and where you can observe changes easily. Maybe someone in your family or at work, etc. Now focus only on one positive quality, for example love, compassion. Do one or two sessions where you pray for more compassion for this person. Imagine how his compassion increases, how he changes his behavior. Then watch what happens. You will be astonished how easily you can influence others and that changes really happen. Now you know that it works and you can go on.

Such changes last for a certain period of time depending on a diversity of factors. Just make experiments. By the way – as this is very positive you can choose also a good friend who knows what you are doing. He can give you directly feedback about his changes and how long they last.

So indeed you could use this technique also to help each other in your spiritual development. For example when maybe 4 persons concentrate on an enlightenment for one person then this could happen easier. But be careful as too much energy can be unhealthy. Just take care during your experiments.

At last – have you ever heard that religious followers or their leaders pray for a political leader or special people with much power and influence in society? I have not. Why does not someone say “Hey let´s pray for our president or for our mayor, boss or whatever so that he may rule in wisdom, with compassion and understanding!” ? Religious leaders often talk about normal selfish prayers for luck, wealth, happiness, health, etc., for God.. Do you think that God needs our prayers? In fact our leaders, our elite really need our prayers to stop the evil on earth.

If you are going to create such a group to influence someone then please tell me. I am grateful for your feedback.