Character refinement – special technique

The refinement of the soul is a very comprehensive task for every spiritual student. Bardon speaks about it and explains the techniques for transformation and the use of the soul mirrors. I just want to add two special and very useful techniques.


First one – to dissolve bad habits and characteristics:

Become completely aware of the bad habit you want to get rid of. Know where and when and why this bad habit shows up and which effects it has. Now get into your asana, close your eyes and then imagine that you are in the center of a sphere of pure violet light with Akasha qualities. Imagine that this light has the power to dissolve the energy of your bad habit. A bad habit is supplied by a certain form of energy. When this energy is gone, dissolved then the bad behavior can´t show up. So you must withdraw the energy from the bad habit. Now imagine that you charge yourself with the violet light and that this light dissolves the energy of your bad habit on the mental plane and in your soul. You can really feel how the bad habit energy is dissolving step by step, how you heal from this bad habit and how you get more and more into balance. After a while of meditating about this clearing and healing you can exhale the too much of violet light back into the universe and come back. That´s it.

Indeed you can dissolve all bad qualities, habits, characteristics in this way as all these things depend on energy. When the energy is lost then they cannot work. You will experience that the bad habit is gone after this meditation. Only if the bad habit was very strong it can be necessary to repeat this clearing.


Second one – to integrate and to develop positive habits and characteristics:

You can create all positive qualities, habits, characteristics, etc. as they consist of energy, – energy with a certain quality and power. Here again it is necessary that you understand the wished for quality, when it occurs, how, why and which effects it has. For example – what is endurance? What does it mean? What kind of energy is it? Or what is success? Or what means patience?

So you discover the nature of the quality or power. Powers or qualities can belong to the fire element or to the air element, water or earth element. They can consist of a kind of energetic mixture. It doesn´t matter. Just try to become familiar with the quality and power of your wished for characteristic, etc.

Now get into your meditation position and imagine yourself in the center of this special power, quality. Keep the imagination that you are surrounded by the energy of what you´re longing for. The energy becomes more and more perceivable and you can really feel success, patience or endurance, etc. Now you just have to charge yourself with this energy and meditate that you integrate this quality, power, characteristic, etc. in your personality. Imagine yourself with this new quality and how your life changes in different situations.

You can repeat this meditation if necessary or if you want to strengthen your new quality or power.

In fact each and every quality, power, ability has its special energy which can be manifested by imagination and then inhaled and accumulated to make it a part of your nature.

These techniques in combination are very useful for the refinement of your personality and also to develop certain abilities. It is one of the smart access techniques which I present in my webinars and at SURA-ITF.