The different forms of light

In the spiritual literature light is handled only without any differentiation. Light is light. Finish. It is the spiritual light, the light of God, the light which enlightens. Bardon is nearly the first one who says more about light. He suggests the use of light to increase and strengthen mental abilities, powers and qualities. He also provides further hints for those who can read between the lines.

I want to talk a little bit more about light in this article as it is an interesting, useful topic.

It all starts with the highest form of light – the Eternal Light, the divine being. It is the sphere of light which is beyond creation, which is separated from creation as creation cannot bear it. It is pure oneness. In old India this sphere, this eternal light was described as being more powerful than thousands of suns. Only one being has a direct connection to this sphere to communicate its will. It is the highest, primordial spirit of the sun sphere.

The spiritual development allows a degree of refinement that a human being is able to receive enlightenment by this eternal light, by this sphere, by the divine being itself. A long demanding training is necessary which leads to the status of being a macrocosmic spirit, comparable to the spirits of the spheres but a perfect image of the highest being. To say it short: A spirit of the spheres consists of a few divine letters but the Theurg, the Quabbalist consists of all divine letters. With this he is a perfect temple of God. Such a high refined spirit can use a special formula to receive a direct enlightenment of the eternal light. This is certainly the greatest honor and gift for a human being but it is also very hard to bear. So much about the highest light.

Then we have the light of the sun sphere, the sphere which is the divine revelation in creation, the ambassador of the eternal light. The light of the sun sphere is also very special. It is the power which contains all other powers and qualities. It is the one power, the source of all powers. Due to this it is said that the master meets God in the sun sphere. Here happens the uniting with the one power, with God. It is the great enlightenment and the reawakening of your divine nature. Here you feel divine, you are divine, you are one, perfect, a sun god. Besides this, the sun provides the energy for all spheres and the whole creation. It is the divine source of life everywhere.

Now we turn to the human being itself, the microcosm. When a spiritual seeker receives the so called enlightenment then it is a uniting with divine spirit. This divine spirit is connected to the mercury sphere. Spirit has in general much to do with light. Spirit appears as light or light is the energy form of spirit. So enlightenment means that you connect to and integrate divine spirit in your microcosm. We can speak of divine spirit or spiritual light.

The normally used form of light is the light of the mental plane which can turn easily to spiritual light, to enlightenment but which can be also used to increase mental abilities, powers and qualities. This depends on your intention, your maturity and how much you densify it. This form of light serves the awakening of the mental body. So you work with this light the most time in your spiritual training. (The so called spiritual plane is just the higher part of the mental plane.)

Beside this “normal” form of light there is also the astral light or light of the soul, astral body which belongs to the astral plane. You can also work with this form of light to vitalize, refine and strengthen your astral body and astral abilities, powers and qualities. It can provide interesting experiences.

Then there is the denser, “energetic” light which works in the body to provide all functions. Indeed it is more energy, fine matter with aspects of light. And at last we have the light of the material world which supplies creation with life on the material plane. Interesting is that colour healing uses different colored lights to activate special healing processes in the patient, – not only on the physical level but also or especially on the psychic plane. Here you can observe that the colored light comes along with the analogue colored energy and light on the energetic, astral plane. Only due to this it unfolds its healing power. So the different planes are nearer and more connected than one might think.

Closing this topic I suggest to make some experiments with astral light. Set yourself into a vast ocean of astral light and then charge yourself with it. Observe how you feel, how it feels to charge yourself with it and also observe your dreams at night. It can be quite interesting.

Maybe I should say that light can also have the quality of Akasha. Such a special light is used for clairvoyance.

Enjoy your work with light on all levels!

PS: Light is also great for healing as it can be easier processed by a seriously ill patient than normal vital energy.