Spiritual coaching in life and business

What is a coach? A coach is someone who knows a lot about the human psychology and about techniques to accomplish your aims, – to get from point A to point B. A good coach helps you to become aware of yourself, your present situation, your aims and how you can reach your aims with your individual ressources. A coach helps to more clarity, to a better understanding. A coach can give you the litte extra to make progress. Coaching is something useful. Everyone needs someone who coaches him in life, – equal if it is his friend, someone of his family, his partner, an expert or someone else he trusts in.

Today there are many coaches for all fields. Certainly we do not need for everything a coach. A coach is just an accelerator, a help, a supporter but it is your life and your responsibility. A coach cannot take it for you.

Very positive is when your coach has a bright knowledge, not only about psychology and life but also about the spiritual world view. Also a good knowledge of business and management is very useful. Such a coach can support you in best way, in a holistic way.

People who are in a spiritual training often have to face many problems. These are problems which result from the transformation and refinement process. The spiritual path deals in main with clearing, healing and refinement, with balancing of old karma. Additionally spiritual people have often problems with business as they follow higher ideals.

So spiritual people can consult a spiritual coach in best way. He will understand their situation and he knows how to help.

If you think that a spiritual coach could help you in your life or business or on your spiritual path, then please feel free to contact me. I can help you in a most professional way.

At last I want to point at something important. Professional coaching is not to say “I´ve got this or that problem. What is the answer?”. In fact it is a comprehensive interaction of the client and the coach where a lot of information has to be considered and a feasible solution has to be worked out together.

Today we have the idea that it is enough to go to the pharmacy, take a pill and the problem is solved. But this doesn´t work. This mentality is not useful at all. And this is especially true for professional coaching. Please have this in mind when you consult a coach. Take the time and effort it needs for good and lasting results. Here again the spiritual problems can have quite complex reasons. Analysis with hypnosis or past-life-therapy are very efficient and useful.

Please consider these things as a way of preparation for a serious spiritual training and also when you are already in a spiritual training having to face problems or obstacles.

At SURA – The International Theistic Federation, spiritual coaching, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and past-life-therapy will be important parts of the spiritual training. These parts will serve a high efficiency of the individual training and certainly they will help to balance life and business. Also bad karma can be balanced in this way.

For more information please contact me directly.

Yours, Ray