Commanding chakras

Imagine you are not fit or you have headaches or you want to increase a quality or power inside of yourself. How would you do this?

Probably you take painkillers for your headaches. You drink coffee to feel better and so on. There are always many ways to get where you want to be, to influence yourself.

One special way is to use your chakras, your energy centers to realize wanted changes.

Your main chakras are important centers of your consciousness, mental body, soul, energy system and physical body. In fact they have full control over all processes in your microcosm. They connect all planes of existence, interact with each other and connect you to the macrocosm, the “outer world”. They contain an own form of intelligence and consciousness. In sum you could call them “subconsciousness” or the “secret intelligence” of your self.

As they control your whole energy system, your energetic metabolism, you can use them directly to implement wanted changes. This means you tell them would they are supposed to do.

Example Headaches: Headaches mean that your head is suffering from wasted energies or bad energies, that your energy channels are blocked in parts, also your chakras at the head. So the easiest thing you can do is to command: “Chakras of my head, clear the whole head of all wasted and bad energies until the head is completely cleaned.” Then you can add: “Chakras, while you clear the head from all dirty energies you supply the head with fresh vital energies at the same time. Do this until the head feels completely vital and healthy!” The result is that you feel activities at certain points at your head. Your chakras became active to follow your command.

Something similar you can do for all purposes “Chakras revitalize me now!”, “Heart chakra increase my inner peace and harmony!”, “Ajna chakra, increase my will power!” and so on (just short examples)

It is similar to the idea when a another person says to your “body” (better subconsciousness/inner intelligence) “Fever leave this body now!” or something else for healing purposes. It is all about giving commands to your body, subconsciousness, inner intelligence, chakra intelligence, etc.

In conclusion you can talk directly to your “body” to implement useful changes. Hypnosis, suggestion, autosuggestion, etc. work the same way. Just make some experiments to learn how to use this technique for all kinds of purposes for yourself.