Astral matrix or etheric body?

There are more or less old concepts which speak of ether and an etheric body. These concepts are quite misleading when you follow Bardon´s teachings. So I want to clear some points for a better understanding.

The idea of ether dealt with Akasha. So in fact people meant Akasha and Akasha qualities when they spoke about ether. Here is especially the time and space bridging or permeating quality meant. “To send radio signals through the ether.” is also used today.

Then there was the idea of an etheric body, something energetic, something which did not directly depend on time and space, something beyond the material plane. Indeed there was no real knowledge about the nature of the human being and a lot of ideas were mixed up.

What was called etheric body is not a real body itself. It appears in this way and it is the so called astral matrix, the energy body, the body of Pranas, of vital energies. It is the sum of all denser energies which are circulating on an energetic level slightly above the physical plane and slightly below the astral plane. These energies connect the astral and physical bodies and planes by their work. These energies have nothing to do with Akasha, therefore “etheric body” is quite misleading.

The concept of the three planes of existence, of creation and the forth plane, Akasha, beyond creation has good reasons, practical reasons. You can live/exist on each of these three planes separately and you can use the three bodies separately for your purposes. The change of the planes is a matter of the matrices which are connecting mental body and astral body and astral body with physical body. If you die on the physical plane the astral matrix is broken and you are set automatically on the astral plane to live on. If you die on the astral plane then your mental matrix is broken and you are drawn on the mental plane. Then you are going to reincarnate, where your new mother provides the development of a new astral body and a new physical body.

The so called spiritual plane is just the higher aspect of the mental plane. Akasha itself is the highest aspect of the mental plane. It is the primary spirit, mental energy.

When you are in your spiritual training then in general all planes are considered and with this all kinds of different energies. And here it is not necessary to think about which energy belongs to which plane. For practice it is enough to have in mind that light is analogue to the mental plane and that vital energy and all colored pranas belong to the energy body or better energetic system, the astral matrix. The four elements belong to the astral plane. This is quite simplified said but it is enough and pretty useful. Besides this, – all energies can be transformed towards all planes as originally there is only one energy which appears in different frequencies, forms of density and different states of activity. Here we have the secret of alchemy. You can transform all kinds of different energies into all kinds of different energies on all planes. It is just a matter of will and technique.

In conclusion, please forget about the idea of ether and etheric bodies and use Bardon´s teachings for an easier and more useful handling of the diversity of energies, the planes of creation and your bodies.

During history so many terms and topics were mixed up and this caused a lot of chaos and misunderstanding. It is good to leave this chaos behind.