Do you feel the spirit?

Today it is the 13th of December 2012. As every year a special energetic quality is in the air. I feel it consciously since yesterday but I guess that it appeared already on Tuesday, the 11th. It is a very subtle energy, indeed pure spirit which is poured out from the high spiritual realms down on us in the material world. It strengthens our inner true nature, the spirit in us. It has an awakening quality for some and a strenghtening quality for those who are already awake.

It is a very special time during the next days. Christians would say that we receive the holy spirit. It is a time of receiving divine blessings, divine energy, divine spirit to empower us for the right choices in life, to heal us, to remind us about who we really are and what not.

So if you like then do a meditation to become aware of this very subtle energy, to receive it consciously and gratefully, to connect yourself to this source, to heal yourself and to strengthen your own spirit.

It is indeed a holy time. The more aware you are of what is happening the more you gain for yourself.


May the divine spirit rise in all of us – for a better life of earth!

May the divine light break the chains of darkness!

May our true nature be victorious in all battles!

May the divine sun shine in its infinite glory!