Appointment with an angel

Today I have an appointment with an angel. Not a human angel as you might think although I would have enjoyed such a meeting. But indeed there are some similarities between (female) angels in human appearance and the real spiritual angels from the higher spheres. Both are embodiments of beauty. And beauty is divine. But enough philosophical thoughts – the angel is appearing.

“Hello angel! I am so fascinated by your manifestation. It is like a dream, like magic! And you are so different to what people think of you. You are so powerful and your charisma is so divine! Amazing!”

Angel: “Nice to meet you, too! Human beings do not know who we are and what we are. They still have this old Christian image of us in their mind, – with wings, an instrument, white dress, golden hair and so on. But you see, we´re not really looking like this.”

“Right! You are much more fascinating, a wonderful appearance, so much power and radiance, so much beauty and light! You are a divine being, aren´t you?”

Angel: “Yes, we are not really messengers of God as people think. We are manifestations of the divine spirit. In sum we are the manifested divine spirit in all its aspects, in all its virtues and powers. You know, the divine being itself is beyond creation. You would call it eternal light or the sphere of light. It is the purest form of being, of real unity beyond creation. From this sphere creation started – through us. In sum we are the representatives, the ambassadors of the highest being. We have not only manifested creation but we still keep creating and maintaining creation. We are those who work behind the veils of the material world. It is comparable with a movie or a play, – people do not perceive the director, the preparation and the whole stuff which realize it.”

“Ah, yes, I understand. And back to your appearance. Why does your appearance change sometimes?”

Angel: “Our appearance has a secret. It is symbolic! So in fact we are pure spirit and we appear according to our divine virtues and powers in a symbolic form. In this way you human beings can understand us better. On the other hand our appearance depends on the maturity of the person which perceives us. It is somehow all about communication and understanding. It is a universal principle to use analogies and symbolism. Images are the language of creation.”

“Okay, so when you are perceived with wings, then this is symbolic and means that you are a being of the higher spheres – and not a material being.”

Angel: “Right. So it is!”

“And your very impressive charisma is just the expression of your divine powers and virtues. I can really  feel your divinity. It is simply amazing!”

Angel: “Also this is true. We are made of divine spirit, virtues and powers. So our nature is divine. And due to this we have a powerful, divine radiance.”

“So and you are maintaining the whole creation that it keeps working and further on you care about new creatures, new inventions, etc.”

Angel: “Yes, from your point of view, we are very busy. But you know, we are beings which are beyond time and space, and we take part in the cosmic consciousness and further on we have many supporters. Creation is in fact a great form of interaction and cooperation. All beings are serving each other, – more or less consciously.”

“This is great, fascinating, wonderful! Mindblowing indeed! I have heard that you are also something like teachers, like professors, – right?”

Angel: “Yes, we are the teachers of mankind. We care for new inventions, for progress, for new ideas and developments. What you call inspiration or intuition – this are we! We send to the fitting persons at the right time the right ideas. We are the keepers of the whole knowledge of creation. And by the way – we are very happy when a human being, – an initiate travels to the spheres to be taught by us. For the mature ones we unveil all of our treasures.”

“Wow! So I can get all information about creation and the development of mankind, also about the past and the future by visiting you in the spheres?! This sounds great! This sounds like a perfect initiation into the secrets of the universe. By the way, can you tell me something about the human evolution?”

Angel: “This is a very big topic. The human being is meant to experience all ideas of God, to experience himself as a human being with all his limitations and problems and then to unfold his divine nature to experience a world without any limits. You are also meant to experience both – light and darkness, and to become light through darkness. Creation is full of mysteries and when you follow the universal path of initiation you will get to know them all. In the end you will be of the same nature like we are. You will represent the sum of us, the perfect image of God on all planes of existence, a macrocosmic being. Then you have finished your journey and holy missions are waiting for you until the day you decide to return to the sphere where everything comes from.”

“Oh, this sounds like a very long journey and a lot of adventures. But it sounds great! Could you say something about all the problems we are facing today on the material plane?”

Angel: “Mankind has come to a point where it has to decide which way it wants to take for the future. After thousands of years with spiritual traditions, religion and a holistic view, you are in a period of materialism, atheism. You see all the problems which came along with this dark philosophy. Everyone is asked to make his decision either for a materialistic world or a spiritual world. There are people who do not want to return to God, who instead want to be gods in the material realm. They neglect their inner divine nature in favour of an outer pseudo divine appearance. Unfortunately these people build the elite of the material world. But most of the normal people are awakening and they feel their natural need of spirituality, for harmony and the unfolding of their higher nature. Certainly this will be a fight but most of the people will make it.”

“Aha, this is the thing with the free will, the free decision for good or bad, for God or against God. Probably we all have to make our own experiences so that we can differentiate between good and bad. But certainly all our problems are made by ourselves. We are responsible and not you or God. Unfortunately people tend to look somewhere else for the guilty party instead of taking own responsibility. The human being is quite strange but has so much potential.”

Angel: “Yes, the human being has both. On the one hand he lacks of everything, – he has fallen out of the natural order but on the other hand he can be a perfect temple of God, the perfect image of God, the crown of evolution. Human beings are indeed like children which are playing but do not realize what they do and who they are. It is all a matter of growing up, of becoming adults, – initiates. And this is just a matter of time. And this time includes good times and bad times, – depending on how fast the children learn their lessons.”

“Thank you! I have learned so much today from you!”

Angel: “You are welcome! Everyone can learn from us. It just takes a request as we cannot force people to ask us or to follow our advice.”

“Yes, you are right. Thank you again! We will meet in the spheres!”

Angel: “I know that we will meet again. My mind is beyond space and time. See you soon!”