Working with your prototype

In the world of ideas there are blueprints for everything and everyone. To simplify it – there is a kind of spiritual prototype of you, a complex, perfect idea of yourself. There is an idea of perfect health – you in perfect health and there are also ideas of you in your different steps of development, – with different virtues and abilities. These ideas or blueprints or prototypes are of a high mental-akashic nature. From this world of ideas creation comes into reality, – your development manifests.

This means two things:

1. You can connect to your idea of perfect health to support your self-healing processes.

2. You can connect to the idea of a special virtue, power or ability to initiate and support its development.

How do you do this?

Quite simple: Get into your meditation and then connect with your mind to the wished for idea. Remember that it is a 3D idea. Now merge with this idea. Probably you feel immediately certain activities inside of yoursef. This means you are connected and you have united yourself successfully with your blueprint, Akasha-prototype and your energy system is processing the “new” information to optimize your microcosm for the wished for purpose.

Now in a second step you can support this process by supplying necessary energy. The energy must fit to your purpose, for example you can use light for higher abilities, the elements for character building and vital force for health. So indeed you charge yourself with the analogue energy to support the work in your microcosm.

One important thing has to be considered: These processes take time, energy and they need your concentration. So I recommend to do it in steps until you have reached your aim. This means maybe every day half an hour like you do your exercises. The necessary duration depends on your aim, the invested energy and certainly on your present state. The better your state of health/development, the easier and faster you reach your aim.

In conclusion: Everything exists already but so far first on a high Akasha-mental plane – as a complex perfect idea which wants to manifest in creation. You can connect to such an idea and you can unite with it to supply the wished for information to your energy system. Your body needs certainly time to process the new plans, to construct new energies and structures.

This technique is useful for recovering your health and to develop yourself on the path.