Psychopathology and “Psychomysticology”

Psychopathology describes in a scientific way the problems and diseases of mind and soul. The behavior which differs from a normal human level is defined as unnormal, ill, as a disorder. So psychopathology deals with all negative aspects of behavior, with unnormal phenomena. This scientific research is the basis for healing treatments, for therapy. All these deviations from the standard are negative.

But this is only one part, one side of the coin.

The other side deals with the positive deviations from the standard. It deals with the refinement of the human being to the possible maximum, the divine standard. This positive side hasn´t been really described in depth and in a scientific way. I think that it would be useful to do this to show people what is possible, what is waiting for everyone. So far no term exists for this science and so I give it the name “Psychomysticology” which can be translated as the science of the soul regarding the mystical development.

Certainly here I cannot provide a scientific description in depth regarding all planes of existence, etc. but I want to give a first overview, some first hints which can be a basis for an elaboration in the future.

In general: All human qualities, quantities and powers have a range from negative to normal to positive. They spread in degrees from one absolute pole to the other absolute pole. It looks like two triangles meeting at their basis. At the peaks you find the absolute poles and the basis stands for the great diversity and relativity of the normal standard. This is just a model which one can use. The main point here is that you can raise a power or quality to a maximum, a divine standard. Let´s take an example – love. On the lowest level it means just chemical reaction, connection between two things. Then it increases to sympathy, sexual attration, intercourse, to social activities, friendship, conditioned love, unconditioned love, compassion, service and to a maximum as the all-embracing love of God, the absolute pole. This was the positive triangle/pyramid. (I have simplified it). Then we have the negative triangle/pyramid with the opposite – hate, which occurs in different degrees of power and quality. The maximum and absolute degree is hate which causes death, destruction, which is on greatest distance to the all-embracing love of God. Between these two absolute poles normal people live and are able to participate in both, in love and hate in several “normal” degrees. A real magician, mystic will reach and embody the divine forms of love. A black magician the forms of hate. So indeed a normal person can choose in which direction he wants to develop himself. The foreseen evolution of mankind certainly goes vertically to the top, to the absolute positive pole, God and with this to divine nature.

In conclusion, what we feel as normal human beings can be raised to divine degrees – divine love, divine power, divine wisdom, etc. but also divine endurance, divine patience, and so on – all human characteristics are considered. And certainly we all start at a human level until we reach a human level of refinement and perfection. And then we can go on with the development of all divine virtues and powers.

I have spoken about characteristics – the soul. But it is also true for the mind with all its abilities and powers. We can raise our will power, our intellect, our intelligence, our memory, our grasp, intuition, inspiration, etc. We can raise and develop all senses. This means that we can become a genius in all aspects. In fact we are foreseen to understand how creation works, what we are and what God is.

Further on we are able to control all powers in creation. We can develop the human bodies to a maximum of health and perfection. We can refine and optimize our energetic systems.

And this is just a small overview which can be enhanced by details and examples. Also the physical aspect, – the change of the work of glands and neurotransmitters will be interesting.  And certainly the unfolding of the chakras in full beauty should not be forgotten.

All these changes, this transformation comes along with the use of special energies, special techniques, etc. All these things have to be seen in a greater connection. So indeed one day we will be able to show people the information “if you want to increase your intelligence then you have to practice this and that with this energy….”. The initiates know these things but they are not published so far for normal people.

So much about psychomysticology for today. Let´s see what the future will bring. A lot of scientific work has to be done to give useful standards for the human development. I hope that SURA-ITF will be able to provide major steps in this direction.