Hints for dealing with negative influences

As human beings we experience a diversity of negative influences, of negative people, negative space energies, negative beings, negative thoughts and emotions, attacks from the dark side, etc. And somehow we are forced to deal with them. The question is how we can do this. Again there is a diversity of techniques and measures.

I want to give some useful hints.

The bad things in life follow some kind of pattern. You are somehow in imbalance which makes you a good victim for something bad or evil. If you were in good balance in mind, soul and physical body, you would be not interesting as your natural defense is too good. So indeed the dark side prefers people with a weakness, with imbalances, with dark aspects in their character as these points make it easy to get into control of the victim or to launch attacks. Here you see how important health and vitality on all three planes are.

Okay, you are in a fix because you are in imbalance and the dark side or simple negative influences can easily attack you. Maybe additionally you have done something stupid and so you can expect further negative effects (bad karma). Your imbalance and bad karma do not help you to deal with the evil, – it makes it even harder.

Now there are a few things you should do. You must clean yourself from the bad influences, bad thoughts, bad emotions, ill energies, bad beings (parasites). You must heal yourself. You must raise your protection. You must raise your level of vitality. And you must balance yourself and your karma to become “untouchable” again. At last you should learn your lesson.

Let´s check these points in more detail:

During the time where you are exposed to negative influences you have to clean yourself frequently, also the space where you live and work. You can clean yourself perfectly with taking a bath in sea salt water. Sea salt is cleaning and vitalizing you. You can clean your microcosm and also the space where you live with violet light. Everything which is negative in nature cannot stand violet light. Violet light is deadly, it is cleaning and balancing at the same time. So imagine yourself in a space full of violet light, also your flat, etc. and then meditate that the violet light is dissolving all negative influences and killing all negative beings. Repeat such things as often as necessary.

Then you need to raise your level of energy, of health and vitality. This can be done in two good ways. Charge yourself with white light and with vital energy. White light will vitalize and strengthen your mental body. The vital energy will strengthen your soul-body matrix. A high level of energy means a high level of natural defense against all kinds of negative influences. It means also a good supply of energy for all your self-healing processes, – getting back into balance. White light is again something which dark beings, negative energies do not like at all. It is the opposite and also deadly. On the physical level you should nourish yourself with healthy, vitalizing food.

Further on you can use the support, guidance, protection, healing, etc. of the higher realms. Just pray with heart and be thankful. Do your prayers daily. You can also use special mantras for clearing, healing, empowerment, etc. Check YouTube. They have positive effects on your energy system.

And at last do your best to learn the lesson, – why things have happened and how you can deal with them in the best way.

Stay in the light to keep the darkness on distance!

Stay balanced and maintain your vitality to not fall victim to the dark side!

And don´t forget that you are naturally more powerful as a human being than negative influences of all kinds!