A few Words about Spiritual Healing

Today when you are ill you go to a doctor and the doctor gives you some meds. If these meds do not help you go again to the doctor and you get different meds. If they do not help you, your problem or disease is incurable and you have simply bad luck.
If you go to a naturopath or (spiritual) healer who thinks and works beyond the limitations of the atheistic-materialistic worldview, you are informed that your disease or disorder is connected to “un-healthy” behavior, to unfavorable patterns of thoughts and emotions but also to bad experiences in life, unhealthy food, etc.
On most of these negative factors you have influence respectively you can change them respectively you are in charge. It is your re-sponsibility what you think, what you feel, how you behave and with what you nourish yourself (mind, soul and physical body).
So the healer will make you aware about this and tell you that you have to change these things in your life to the better as this is the basis for real healing.
Then the healer will give you treatments, herbs or healing energies which help your body, mind and soul to activate and to maintain necessary self-healing processes.
Self-healing means that your inner intelligence respectively the so-called subconsciousness activates and controls the processes of dissolving blockades, toxins, bad energies, etc. while at the same time mind, soul and body are vitalized and new structures, cells, etc. are built up. Healing means to get rid of all the bad stuff, so that the natural order – health – can be restored. In this way you get back into balance.
Here it is certainly important to understand that mind, soul and body are connected, interactive and interdependent. So if the body is ill, mind and soul are normally ill too. If the body is in good health, mind and soul will be in good balance as well. Indeed you have to treat and care always all three planes of existence together for long lasting success. If you treat only the body while the soul is ill, the body will become ill again.
When you work as a spiritual healer you have a diversity of tech-niques and energies you can use. In general it is always about clean-ing and vitalizing. Corresponding to these two main aspects you have useful energies and techniques for cleaning and those for vitalizing, healing.
Now we have to see that the human microcosm is designed in a hierarchical way. The spirit is the ruler of the microcosm. Then follows the soul (astral body) and in the third place we have the physi-cal body. The spirit, our mental being is our original nature while astral and physical body are forms which allow us to express ourselves in the lower worlds. The spirit is ruling the microcosm by influencing soul and body. And this means that the spirit can give great healing impulses to its lower bodies.
Corresponding to this hierarchy we can work with lower or higher energies which influence the different planes or bodies. We can call this “working on the horizontal level”. In contrast we can also work on the “vertical level” by empowering the spirit with high spirit energies, – divine light, pure spirit.
Here we have to understand that the human spirit lacks of the sup-ply of high spiritual energies – the divine spirit. It is the missing God-Connection which keeps us suffering in the lower worlds. Is the God-Connection established, then we nourish ourselves directly from the great spirit – God. And this direct supply of highest quality energy maintains health hierarchically on all three planes, from mind over soul to body.
A healer who has refined his nature to very high or highest degrees is able to connect consciously to the Divine Spirit and to supply spirit energies to the patient. This “vertical spiritual healing” is most powerful and starts the healing process from the core, – the human spirit towards soul and then physical body.
The spirit energy is intelligent in its nature and when this energy is given to the human microcosm, it knows exactly how to heal the system.
I have studied the main healing methods, – the horizontal ones and the vertical one. I must say that I am grateful for all what I have learned and I am really grateful that I am allowed to offer the vertical healing. For me it is a mystical meditation, a matter of love, unity and compassion.
The results of these healing sessions – the supply of spirit energy for self-healing – causes great humbleness and gratitude in me.
When I think about that normally the bad experiences in life can cause imbalances which last not only for decades but for one, two and more incarnations, which also can grow and cause even more suffering until fate provides healing, then it is truly amazing when healing is achieved in one or a few sessions and that the patient does not need to suffer decades or whole future incarnations.
Healing means freedom!
Healing is the basis for happiness, for progress, for real balance!
Healing is super precious.
And we all need it!