God, good, evil and super evil

The human species is absolutely fascinating. I can imagine that aliens would fill whole zoos with human beings to show their children how funny, illogical and strange humans are. Humans have indeed a great entertainment quality.
One fascinating topic deals with God, good and evil. God has cer-tainly a divine sense of humor, otherwise he wouldn´t have created us.
Now let´s imagine that besides countless creatures, beings, gods, goddesses and angels there is one primordial God, – the origin of all life, of all beings, of all human souls, of all worlds, etc.
Let´s imagine that we could ask this first and highest being about his relationship to the diversity of beings and worlds he has created.
What do you think, would such a superior, most powerful being proclaim that he has made mistakes or experiments or that he pre-fers some beings and does not like other beings?
Probably not as God is the number one, absolute in his nature, not limited and not like humans and not emotional.
The absolute reveals itself in the incomprehensible diversity of be-ings and worlds which are manifested out of itself.
The absolute is absolute in its nature and has only absolute attrib-utes. Everything is total in God. Total wisdom, total knowledge, total love, total understanding, total power, total consciousness, etc.
Total love means to love all creatures, all human beings, etc.
Total understanding means to understand all creatures and all hu-man beings.
There are no exceptions as God is absolute, total in his nature.
A spiritual master follows the divine nature and shows love, com-passion, understanding, etc. in the same total degree. A spiritual master embodies the divine spirit, the divine nature and behave correspondingly. This is good. Good is derived from God. God is good.
Now we have this fascinating human attitude of misusing such ideas for selfish purposes.
People proclaim “My god is the absolute God and what is written in my religious teachings are the words of God. God loves me and hates all others!”
This has great entertaining qualities. Some kind of idea of god is projected on the absolute God and then it is proclaimed that this god is the property of these people (MY god). Then they proclaim that their ideas about God, humans and creation are directly given by the absolute God. This is a nice idea as so far no one has ever heard the absolute speaking and no one can explain why the absolute should talk to anyone. God does not talk to animals, plants, etc. but all creatures know exactly how to grow, how to behave and what to do. Obviously God has integrated already everything in each single being what it needs.
What are you supposed to think about someone who proclaims that the absolute God is his property? Maybe that this is the joke of the day.
What are you supposed to think about someone who proclaims that the absolute God loves only him and gave important teachings only to him? Maybe the second joke of the day.
What are you supposed to think about someone who proclaims that the absolute God hates all other people and declares them as lost souls with a value of less than animals? Maybe you are not amused about such a statement. Maybe you have not the best opinion about such a person. Maybe you call this evil.
And finally what are you supposed to think about someone who proclaims that the absolute God calls his “own” followers to behave in the most evil way towards those which are not part of the com-munity? Maybe you call this super evil and godless.
I think that these ideas are amazing, especially today where people have so many chances for education, for finding individual answers independent from dogmas. But it seems that we have today in our modern era more people who really believe in such things than in former times, some thousand years ago. This is more than amazing.
Maybe, when I leave this world, higher beings will welcome me and tell me that I was part in a big cosmic comedy show.
But for now I am not really enthusiastic about what people still believe and the super evil behavior which they justify with the abso-lute God who is indeed innocent as it is all made by humans.
These “good” followers of “God” will experience the beauty of di-vine justice and then they probably will change their minds.
We are in a big kindergarten and we are here to learn how to differentiate between good and bad, pain and happiness.
God loves all his children.