The four keys which help you to answer all questions

We human beings have countless problems which provide countless questions which ask for answers. While it seems that only complex answers can offer real satisfaction for the complex questions, we can approach everything also from the opposite pole, – the pole of simplicity. Only here we get the really good answers.

It is the mystery of the triangle or the pyramid where we have complexity at the basis and simplicity at the top. The complexity is contained already in the simplicity like all numbers are rooted in the number One.

If you understand the number one then you understand the diversity of numbers. If you understand the nature of simplicity you understand the nature of complexity or diversity.

So the major and most powerful key to understand all problems of the world is to accomplish unity with God, – the divine, primordial spirit which is the source of the complexity of creation.

The next three powerful keys are to ask for quality, quantity and structure. When you analyze these three aspects of everything then you will find the answers you are looking for.

Problems occur when you are not united with the divine spirit, when something is wrong in quality, quantity or structure.

This is for all worshippers of wisdom. Something to think about.