A few words about aliens

I was asked to write some words about the aliens and all the corresponding discussions in the internet. According to my research I have the following point of view:

The world view of human beings was and is still very limited. And obviously it takes great effort to make small steps beyond the comfort zone of normal thinking. So still today it is amazing to put the question if aliens exist or not. You are a real daredevil to think so far. But in fact a normal human range of thinking is a very bad scale to orientate on.

From my point of view we can accept the following:

  • Not only our earth, not only our cosmos, not only our galaxy but all galaxies provide planets for life, for countless creatures and countless humanlike beings. The spirit can take countless forms or bodies and the most developed creatures are similar to humans.
  • Such “aliens” certainly have been traveling everywhere through the great universe to make research and to support young mankinds in their development. So for sure they have and are and will be visiting the earth.
  • Those “aliens” who are able to travel on such distances, have developed a high technology in all fields. The development of humans or spirits in a human body and the development of technology consist of milestones and similarities. So every mankind will make similar steps in their evolution and every technology will make similar steps in its development. For example every mankind will develop something like cars and airplanes.
  • High developed “aliens” have high developed technology and have reached a high degree of spiritual development. So they can be understood as gods or as teachers.
  • Regarding high developed technology we have the case that here all planes of existence interact. So a spaceship will have some kind of intelligence, spirit, an astral form and it is able to materialize and dematerialize which makes traveling in zero time possible. This explains also strange abilities of movements of such “ufos”. And one day we will have the same technology.
  • From the past we know that there were high developed spirits in human bodies with high developed technology. They have appeared as gods – according to their high spiritual perfection and as teachers of mankind to bring science and arts.
  • Independent from this we have the principle of duality in the universe which says that there is always light and darkness. So we have also “bad guys” among the “aliens”. Bad guys always cooperate with other bad guys (on earth) and the good guys always cooperate with other good guys.
  • There are countless rumors in the internet about evil aliens, etc. The problem is just that most people are not able to prove anything about these rumors. Rumors are a nice way of entertainment when you have plenty of time and feel bored.
  • When you think that you must study all the evil stuff of evil aliens, evil people on earth then you get into contact with the dark side and this is quite unhealthy. It starts with fears, with anxiety about your future, with fearing to be abducted by aliens and maybe one day you become mad. It is in general not good to be in touch with darkness. We have to focus instead on the light, we have to stay in the light, we have to cultivate light, love and a positive attitude as only these things support your well-being, your health and happiness. It means also protection.

So my recommendation is to stay cool about these things and to prefer to focus on the light, on your spiritual development instead of adventures in the dark realms. This you can do later when you are spiritually grown up, powerful, knowing how to help yourself in evil situations.

And last but not least we are asked to support the spiritual evolution on earth and not its doom. So let us increase light, love and peace instead of playing with darkness.