How to get from A to B in best way?

As a spiritual seeker you may ask yourself how you will ever be able to accomplish all these countless exercises of your training? And then also how to realize all these abilities, special virtues and powers to gain at last all these fascinating spiritual experiences? And this all in your more or less short life which is already full of work and everyday duties, – not speaking about personal wishes or spare time activities.

Somehow this situation is comparable with if someone asks you to climb all peaks of the Himalaya mountains in full speed one after the other and this although you haven´t climbed a single hill and never seen a mountain before and then also with the promise that you will return as someone else.

So indeed it looks like an insane challenge which you have to lose already before starting it. And indeed somehow the whole spiritual journey appears in this way – you must be in some way extreme to take this challenge, to step into unknown realms, never knowing what is waiting for you. You can only believe in yourself and pray that the abyss does not get you while you take the rocky single trail up to the peak of the mountains.

Summed up your problems are:

  • You do not know what is waiting for you
  • You cannot be prepared for your journey
  • You must develop everything on the way to make it
  • You rely on things like “fortune, divine grace, divine support, etc.” where you cannot be sure to receive it
  • You don´t know the risks and not the traps
  • You don´t know how to help yourself or to rescue you
  • Everything is a matter of learning by doing
  • You must be a daredevil with a great driving force to make it or even to start it
  • You are alone on your way
  • Your narrow, rocky path is full of challenges, obstacles, problems and at both sides there is the abyss waiting for you – one wrong step and the darkness of the abyss eats you alive
  • You have only a very vague presumption about the milestones, aims on the way and you often do not know if you have reached them
  • You will undergo many steps of transformation and you do not know how this feels or if you want it and you cannot transform back later

In short – you must be somehow crazy to take this journey.

We can take these ideas as the perspective of a spiritual seeker who feels the inner desire to undergo a spiritual training and development – for some more or less unknown subconscious reasons (while all others dream of nice girls, parties, fun or career, being famous and so on.

The second point of view is that one of a student – someone who started the journey. Most students probably experience that all these exercises are challenges, that it costs a lot of energy to show discipline in training, that there are many obstacles, problems, etc. you have to face and that there seems to be no guarantee for success. In best case there is progress but all probably appears as difficult – the rocky path. Then the student has to face also a jungle of different opinions, advices, views and teachings where it can be quite hard to keep the right orientation.

So somehow you are on the path but if you make it to the next milestone or even to the aim of your journey – who knows?

Now let´s take the perspective of a high developed initiate, a real Quabbalist according to Bardon´s teachings. When you are a high initiate then this does not mean directly that you have developed all special abilities but that your nature is divine, that you take part in all divine virtues, powers and in the divine, cosmic consciousness. You are a divine authority in creation and all powers and beings are willing to serve you as the representative of the divine spirit.

And now let´s imagine that you want to develop a certain ability. You have the cosmic consciousness for a perfect understanding of the ability and all aspects of it including how to develop it, which quantity and quality of energy is needed, which organs of the energy body are concerned, etc. In short you know everything about it. Then you are a master of all energies in creation. So you can easily prepare the necessary energies to realize the ability. You are also a master of the human microcosm, so you know perfectly how to do the training to develop the ability in best way, in shortest time and with best results. And then you are perfectly refined which means that you have no obstacles, no limitations in doing whatever you want and here no limits in developing this ability. This means no karma influences which make it hard for you to make progress. In fact the rocky path has transformed into a wide highway. So the only thing you have to do is to prepare the training and then undergo it and the new ability is yours. Additionally you can ask high divine spirits from the spheres for support and teachings – like consulting a superior specialist to get something done perfectly.

In conclusion it would be the best way to start the whole training as a full initiate as only then everything is good to achieve in an efficient way. Unfortunately it is exactly the other way around. You start with nothing but (in best case) a high motivation, a daredevil attitude, a lot of passion, etc.

So what can you do to come from A to B as you are lacking of nearly everything which is useful and makes it easier?

I try to give here some useful hints:

  • Bundle all your powers, exercises, activities on realizing one aim respectively one ability (but don´t forget to keep your balance – use the key of the four elements and the three planes)
  • Use your subconsciousness in a professional way – autohypnosis – as your inner intelligence makes up to 50% or more of the whole training and success in the end. So one part is the active training and the other part is the work of your inner intelligence or subconsciousness
  • Keep and cultivate a high spiritual attitude with high ideals, in best case total devotion for the path as only those souls get full support and experience no or less limitations. The more refined and divine and in harmony you are the more freedom you experience and the easier you will make progress. On the other hand, the more selfish, imbalanced and raw your character is the more limited you are and the more obstacles you will experience. We simply have to transform our nature to divine degrees as all divine powers and abilities belong to God and not to a human and not to a raw selfish being.
  • Ask, pray, be open, be grateful for divine guidance and inspiration of your spiritual guide. Establish a good connection to the spiritual realms by regular praying for blessings, guidance, support in general and especially for your development and training. Remember – if you do not ask you cannot receive any answers! So ask!
  • Become aware of the simple formula for realizing abilities or transformation: You need a certain amount of energy with a certain quality together with a well-defined wish/program/intention. This energy is made by your imagination. You work with it – in main by charging yourself or corresponding organs or water/food. In this way you change the structure in your energy body so that something new can develop. You repeat this accumulation of the well-defined energy together with the program until the structure is transformed or new developed and the new ability/power/quality is set. This is the main formula! And it is already good when you are able to focus on vital energy surrounding you, impregnating it with your wish and then inhaling it, etc. You imagination changes the energy for the wished for purpose. Later you do the same in a more professional way with element energies, fluids, etc. or quabbalistic letters.
  • Look up the corresponding divine spirits from the second book of Bardon and pray to them for inspiration and direct support in the name of God. If you are a pure soul then they will help you. Impurity or selfishness is in general unhealthy. And be aware that they know everything about you, that they can read your mind easily.
  • In general do your best to get rid of all your blockades and get back into harmony, balance on mind and soul as quickly and professional as possible. Imbalance and negative thoughts and emotions block you from progress. In best case you consult a professional hypnotherapist to help you or you read a good book about professional autohypnosis and then you heal yourself. In fact health is the basis of the whole training. Mental health, emotional health and physical health.
  • Before you start any training for a new ability, etc. you should make a good meditation where you analyze all aspects of this ability so that you really understand what it is all about. Creating a mind map on paper or on PC is useful. Analysis and synthesis. Make also research about the ability; ask for divine inspiration for a deep understanding. Also ask other students about it and their experiences. But in general follow your divine inner guidance, your divine intuition.
  • Care about balance in your life in general. Care about recharging your batteries so that you are able to show a good performance in everything on a regular basis. Remember that the training is not a matter of a few days but of your whole life time.
  • Eat good food. Do good things. Think and feel good. Cultivate the good. Be good. Refine yourself. Good is derived from God. Become God, become divine.
  • Serve God, mankind and creation because it makes sense and to dissolve your bad karma.
  • And at last remember that everything is very simple. Complex “solutions” from the intellect do not work. God is simple as God is one. We are on the way from complexity to simplicity. And you are the creator of your reality. So go and create what you wish for!

There is no other way than to go from A to B. It is just a matter of time. So when you are ready you should go consciously. If you are not ready fate will drive you to become ready.

Everyone has the potential to make it. Just use it and unfold it!

I hope my explanations are useful. Just keep things simple. Keep your regular practice. Use the power of your subconsciousness. Follow the formula!