Some thoughts about initiation

The term initiation has always had a fascinating mysterious charisma. Throughout history people were willing to make the greatest sacrifices and to take the greatest efforts to receive initiation. They never exactly knew what was waiting for them but their expectations and desires, their imagination were powerful, a driving force. Initiation means in general to know only afterwards.

Today I want to put a little bit of light on this topic. What does initiation really mean?

As human beings we take part in the life on earth, in nature, with other humans, with animals and plants. We are born, we make our experiences in life, following our human needs, wishes and dreams and one day we die. We live together with countless other beings. We follow more or less always the same natural routines like sleeping, being active, eating, working, longing for partnership, building families, etc. It is all good and right. The world is our stage and we are here to experience ourselves as human beings including all aspects of being a human. And indeed we are quite happy, quite entertained enough with this.

Beyond this life on the stage called earth with actors called human beings, supernumeraries and a great scenery, there is the world of the director with his stuff members, with a lot of effort to keep the stage working. Bardon calls this the workshop of God. This is really somehow comparable with a play on stage or a movie and the director with his crew and all the work which takes place behind the scenes. If you belong to the audience you see only the stage play and you have no idea about the hidden things. And normally you are not really interested in them. You just want to enjoy the play. And when you are an actor, then you are focused on your play and not on the director or crew.

So we human beings are focused on life, on all what is happening on the stage, but we do not really ask about “How?” or “Why?”. Only in parts or sometimes we have a feeling, a knowing that there is something behind the scenery, a higher force, higher laws. And to “answer” our questions or to give us a frame of belief, the religions developed corresponding worldviews for us.

Initiation means now to step from the stage and to look for the director and his team and to study what they are doing to make the play on stage happen. While you do these studies, this great adventure, you discover that you and all others on stage are children of the director, that you are free to create the play as you like and that you can become a real director like your father is – with full empowerment for a self-responsible life, for mastery of life. You also discover that the stage is like a kindergarten, that most of the actors are very young and only a few, – those who know the director – are adults. Now, when you return to the stage, then things have changed for you. You bear much more responsibility and the kindergarten activities or ideals are no longer important for you.

In the normal case all human beings are quite happy and satisfied with the life on stage. But due to some events in life we start asking questions and when the motivation has reached a high level then we are ready to go to find answers. And this is the path to initiation, to a lot of initiations into smaller and bigger mysteries of ourselves, God and creation.

In former times it was common to ask the aspirant three times if he is really ready and willing to receive initiation and with this a change of his personality and life. Initiation is something absolutely serious. There is no way back. And initiation makes only sense when your time has come. Otherwise you violate the laws and you can harm yourself. A fruit must have the right maturity, otherwise the taste is bad and you lose it.

So initiation is something you should consider seriously if your time has come.