The problems between paganism and so-called monotheistic religions

Maybe you also have wondered about this topic already. Where does this hate come from? The idea to missionize or kill pagans?

There are several aspects involved. I try to analyze this problem. When we go back really far away in history then we meet the Hindu teachings in their great diversity. They truly include everything. They knew that nature is a habitat not only for humans and animals but also for all kinds nature spirits, etc. And besides them they knew a hierarchy of a diversity of gods, goddesses and all kinds of other beings. And besides this they knew about the highest Divine Spirit. And as usual every being had its function and was worshipped for according blessings or support. And besides all this, there were several paths for the spiritual development available.

So we can say that the Hindu tradition was and still is most holistic and complete. Now there are lower aspects and higher aspects of such a holistic system. The lower aspects are where you perceive yourself as a part of nature, cooperating with spirits of nature by worshipping them and certainly also honoring the Divine Father and Divine Mother. The higher aspects deal with the results of your spiritual development where you understand that you are a child of God, the Divine Spirit and that you are something like a King or Queen in creation, a divine authority yourself where spirits of nature serve you respectively your divine will. Here you worship only the Divine Spirit, God. Now, somehow the lower aspects and the higher aspects to not really get along with each other if they are emphasized in an absolute way. A real initiate certainly integrates everything in a perfect way but throughout history how many real initiates could be found?

In a next step we see that from this original holistic system parts became more or less independent respectively put an unhealthy focus on lower or higher aspects. So while some people were quite happy with being a part of nature and cooperating with the spirits of nature other people focused only on the Divine Spirit, ignoring nature or creation more or less. Especially our youngest religions put this one-dimensional focus on the Divine Spirit. And they had this focus adopted from their origins – the ancient spiritual teachings of Egypt, Persia and Asia. All real spiritual traditions are not new at all but have ancient origins, sometimes hiding under new names for protection.

Let´s take a look at the so-called monotheistic religions. Still today this “idea” is celebrated as an amazing, smart invention. In fact is there nothing new and nothing monotheistic. Our earliest so-called monotheistic religion had originally several gods and due to some events they decided to pray only to one of them. Additionally there whole religion came from Egypt. And the rest was built on this system. There is not a single old religion which won´t agree to a highest God but certainly creation is full of all kinds of beings and not consisting only of God and humans. And even the “monotheistic” religions have a diversity of god-like beings – angels. So where is the difference? But these are the results of atheistic-materialistic scientists which have no real knowledge about religion and spirituality.

Now let´s go to the next point. When you focus on the divine spirit then you focus on the absolute, then you are the chosen one and all others are disbelievers damned to hell. This absolute attitude is very unhealthy and has cost a lot of lives of countless disbelievers. So when someone with this absolute attitude meets someone like a pagan who is kind and relaxed, then the pagan will probably feel the hate of the other one.

And as this is unfortunately not enough we have the unhealthy phenomenon that there were only very few initiates or no initiates at all in the beginning of the latest religious movements and the masses were not able to understand the message of the founders. Let´s take for example Jesus. He was a full initiate from highest ranks, one with the Divine Spirit, The Father, providing an absolute attitude of power. He was initiated in the Jewish religion and with this in the old religion of Khemit, Egypt and all the higher mysteries, etc. And because he was so high developed, he was quite far away from the normal human beings. He was not able to pass on the higher teachings to the normal masses just because this was university standard for a kindergarten. So he had only a very few direct students how got his teachings but none of them were able to keep them alive in the coming centuries. Instead normal human beings without real initiation started to grow a new religion. The results we can see – all actions were done by human motives, often by evil motives without divine love and compassion. So indeed it is a real problem when the initiates in the management level are missing and followers orientate on the human attitude.

Today most of our problems come from this absolute attitude which hates and destroys everything else. There is no connection to creation, no empathy, no compassion for creation, for followers of different beliefs.

Imagine if the monotheistic religions didn´t destroy the pagans. We would still have a wonderful, healthy nature, more peace and understanding and life would be much more interesting.

I hope for the future that all people, especially those with their absolute attitude open up, become more empathic and go beyond their limited beliefs. We all need to expand our world view and understanding. We all need to practice wisdom of the heart, real understanding, true brotherly love for our fellow men and for nature. We all have to relax more and take teachings not as absolute dogmas. Tolerance is not good. Respect is good.

Mankind is a little bit slowly in many aspects but one day things will change for the better. May the darkness of materialism, atheism and absolutism vanish soon to welcome the light of a new morning!