The mystery of the human spirit

When we take a look at the human being we do not really find something extraordinary. A human being is a human being. In fact we find a lot of negative aspects of the human nature. Humans are quite limited in everything and they are driven by desires, by ego. They often lack of responsible behavior and they have problems to think beyond their comfort zone. On the other hand there are a few human beings who show ingenuity in one or more characteristics, abilities, etc.

When we examine human beings from a higher spiritual point of view then we can discover a secret, a mystery which explains a lot.

The human spirit is not a coincidence of life or matter but the human spirit is the child of the great divine Spirit, the cosmic Spirit or God. As we know, children are of the same or similar nature of their parents with similar characteristics, etc.

Now, the great divine Spirit is the creator of all creatures and creation. His nature is to create. The human spirit or child of the creator is a creator himself. We human beings create permanently things. We create thoughts, attitudes, feelings, emotions, behavior, actions. We create the circumstances of our life. We create the future by our thoughts and actions in the presence.

The big problem is that the human being is a creator but an unconscious one. Most people lack of awareness about their process of creation and the results. While the divine Spirit creates consciously, the human spirit is so limited that he easily becomes a victim of his creatures, his thoughts, emotions, actions. The human being is a child, limited in understanding, limited in self-responsible behavior, limited in awareness and then quite playful with selfish tendencies.

From one incarnation to the other the human spirit is growing from own experiences, so that he learns to create consciously his life for the benefit of all. This spiritual development takes a lot of time.

The main problem is that the human being creates good and bad creatures, beings of the mental and astral realms. A good thought or creature is free, full of light and always positive. But the dark creatures made of fear, of hate, of anger, of countless desires, are the so-called “demons” which are not free at all but depending on their creator. The negative beings nourish themselves from him and new bad energies which he creates. And as the creator is very limited in everything, he does not really understand what is happening but he experiences himself as a victim, a slave to his desires.

So these are the demons, our own creatures which we have to fight or which we have to dissolve in love and light. These beings are those who Bardon points at when he suggests that the student shall fight his bad characteristics. And indeed it is a real fight – creator versus creature.

But when you have won the fight then you have made the experience that you are much more powerful than all these creatures. And this is good.

So become a conscious creator like your Father is and create only for the benefit of all. Otherwise you have to deal with your dark children.