Worshipping of the Dull and Ignorant

When we examine society and various developments in history then we can discover a fascinating phenomenon. Most people and also those who have a good degree of education and intelligence do not follow those who are wise, with a refined character and high ideals. They even do not orientate themselves on such noble persons. Instead most people prefer to really worship those who are ignorant, having a big ego and often also a bad character. I personally think that this is amazing. It is an amazing phenomenon that so many people orientate themselves on and worship ignorant guys who have a great publicity.

But certainly I have to add that such “examples” of people are not marked with a clear note that they are ignorant and misleading. Quite the contrary they have high positions in society, politics, economics, in science and religion.

There are two types of these people. The first kind just continues with the ignorance and ego of their tradition, their school or their teachers. The second type are those who put themselves into the center of all philosophy and proclaim that all achievements of great people in history cannot be proved respectively are nonsense as they do not fit into the atheistic-materialistic belief (worldview called “scientific”). This second type of ignorant people is furthermore proud of ignoring ancient knowledge and stating to know nothing. (You can check here several statements of scientists who really say that they cannot know anything in their field of research because of their limitations.)

The ignorant masses follow their ignorant leaders and this is not really good. They are following the illusion of having useful knowledge and they cause only chaos, confusion and are driving towards the abyss. Think here about the scientists, politicians, economical leaders, religious leaders who cause so much evil in the world but still have great masses of followers and defenders of their nonsense or propaganda.

With these problems something unhealthy comes along – the idea to make research in the darkness to find the light. This means that people make research in the teachings of their ignorant idols to find truth among the lies, the ignorance, the dullness, the darkness and the half-truths. This might be a nice task but without any real success.

Translated for the spiritual research, the understanding of the true nature of the human being, God and creation, these guys ask those who have no clue at all but who fill whole books with speculations, opinions, etc. It is wiser to ask those who know about God, creation and the nature of the human being. And wise is it to make own experiences to know the truth by yourself.

In fact I am always fascinated by all the nonsense of intellectual discussions which just seem to be of value but are not at all in reality. But certainly it is good to feed the ego and to live the illusion of being someone with knowledge who deserve some kind of respect and worshipping.

I can only suggest to look for real teachers, for the real light as reality will liberate you from darkness and illusions. Question those who are famous idols of the masses. Question their teachings. Question their explanations.

Question everything in life, make your own experiences and become a wise man yourself.