Sura Training – Support us!

Dear spiritual fellows,
it was always my vision to realize a high quality, most comprehensive, universal spiritual training platform.
After more than 25 years of practice and many useful further educations I am happy to say that it is now the right time to get the school started.

Great knowledge from a diversity of different fields of science and spirituality will flow into an optimized training in theory and practice.

Psychology, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Past-Life-Therapy, Management , Project Management, Core Teachings of the different Spiritual Traditions and the Highest Sciences of Metaphysics and Mysticism will be united to build the Philosopher´s Stone of Wisdom!

The Sura Training provides guided meditations, videos, lectures, webinars, exercises, workshops and it supports your personal development in your life and business.

So the spiritual student can develop himself in the best, safest and most efficient way to realize his highest ideals!

It is also a great chance to experience international friendship and brotherhood. It is all about success, love, light, happiness, balance, freedom and growing!

We are meant to flourish in the Divine Love and Light!

To make it all happen, I need much time and effort but also experts who help me to build the online platform. And this takes money (as usual in the material world).

The more you donate, the more I can push the realization of the Sura Training Platform and the earlier you can take part and benefit.

Let´s realize this great project together, so that countless spiritual seekers will benefit worldwide!

In love, light and service,

yours Ray


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